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Systems and methods for a self-optimizing distributed antenna system are provided. In certain embodiments, a distributed antenna system comprises a host unit configured to control the operation of the distributed antenna system; and a plurality of remote units coupled to the host unit. In at least o ...

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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is disclosed that includes a retractable payload delivery system. The payload delivery system can lower a payload to the ground using a delivery device that secures the payload during descent and releases the payload upon reaching the ground. The delivery device can ...

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Devices and systems are provided for controlling movement of a working end of a surgical device by means of a robotic system. In one embodiment, systems and devices are provided for moving an end effector on a distal end of a surgical fastening device. Movement can include rotational movement of the ...

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A tissue thickness compensator may generally comprise a biocompatible material, a first component, and a second component, wherein the first component and second component form a reaction product to expand the tissue thickness compensator. The first component may comprise a first hydrogel precursor, ...

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A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners positioned within the support portion and/or the tissue thickness compensator which can be utilized to fasten tissue. In use, the fastener cart ...

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A tissue thickness compensator can comprise a plurality of layers. Various embodiments are disclosed herein for manufacturing a tissue thickness compensator. In certain embodiments, a tissue thickness compensator can comprise at least one medicament tube, capsule, and/or packet contained therein.

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A method is provided for controlling and customizing a display screen of a user interface which includes at least two sections of display elements with the display elements of one section being displayed in a different manner, such as being sized greater, than the display elements of another section ...

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A threat detection system is integrated with intrusion protection system (IPS) logic, virtual execution logic and reporting logic is shown. The IPS logic is configured to identify a first plurality of objects as suspicious objects and outputting information associated with the suspicious objects. Th ...

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A computer worm defense system comprises multiple containment systems tied together by a management system. Each containment system is deployed on a separate communication network and contains a worm sensor and a blocking system. In various embodiments, the computer worm may be transported from a pr ...

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In a preferred embodiment, the method of caching media used in a telephony application includes: receiving a media request; sending the media request to a media layer using HTTP; the a media layer performing the steps of checking in a cache for the media resource; processing the media request within ...