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Stanley H Shepherd, Yakov M Lifschitz, Min Chen, Guoxiao Guo, Jason Laks: Data storage device writing multiple burst correction values at the same radial location. Western Digital Technologies, March 15, 2016: US09286925 (2 worldwide citation)

A data storage device is disclosed comprising a head actuated over a disk comprising a plurality of servo tracks defined by servo bursts. The head is positioned at a first radial location over the disk and a first burst correction value is generated by reading at least one of the servo bursts. The h ...

Ralph F Osterhout, Robert Lohse, Edward H Nortrup, John N Border, John D Haddick, Nima L Shams, Manuel Antonio Sanchez: Spatial location presentation in head worn computing. Osterhout Group, GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates, March 15, 2016: US09286728 (46 worldwide citation)

Aspects of the present invention relate presentation of digital content, in a see-through display, representing a known location in an environment proximate to a head worn computer.

Jerome R Morgan, Frederick E Shelton IV, Emily A Schellin: Interactive displays. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 15, 2016: US09283054 (45 worldwide citation)

An interactive display. The interactive display can include a first layer of information and a second layer of information. The first layer of information can include video feedback of a surgical instrument as viewed by an endoscope. The second layer of information can include a control panel, feedb ...

Frederick E Shelton IV: Empty clip cartridge lockout. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 15, 2016: US09282974 (45 worldwide citation)

A surgical device for clipping tissue can include a replaceable cartridge comprising a stack of clips contained therein and a firing drive configured to reciprocatingly eject, or deploy, the clips from the cartridge. After the clips have been deployed from the cartridge, a blocking member can be pos ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Michael E Setser, William B Weisenburgh II: Surgical stapling instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 15, 2016: US09282966 (44 worldwide citation)

A surgical severing and stapling instrument, suitable for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures, clamps tissue within an end effector of an elongate channel pivotally opposed by an anvil. An E-beam firing bar moves distally through the clamped end effector to sever tissue and to drive stap ...

Katherine J Schmid, Frederick E Shelton IV, Bret W Smith: Adhesive film laminate. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 15, 2016: US09282962 (41 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler, or fastening instrument, may generally comprise a layer, such as a tissue thickness compensator, for example, releasably attached to a fastener cartridge and/or anvil by a flowable attachment portion. The flowable attachment portion may be indefinitely flowable. The flowable atta ...

Paul Daughenbaugh Jr, Scott Behan, Patrick Courtney: Passive coaxial power splitter/combiner. TriQuint CW, Withrow & Terranova P L L C, March 15, 2016: US09287605 (40 worldwide citation)

A passive coaxial signal power splitter apparatus includes an input port, an input coaxial waveguide section coupled to the input port, a guided wave structure coupled to the input coaxial waveguide section, a plurality of antenna elements arranged in the guided wave structure, and an output port co ...

Gregory Peter Carlsson, Steven Martin Richman, James R Milne: Distributed wireless speaker system with automatic configuration determination when new speakers are added. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, March 15, 2016: US09288597 (39 worldwide citation)

In an audio speaker network, setup of speaker location, sound track or channel assignation, and speaker parameters is facilitated by an application detecting speaker locations and prompting a user to input rough room boundaries and a desired listener location in the room. Based on this, optimum spea ...

Xikun Wang, Lin Xu, Anchuan Wang, Nitin K Ingle: Titanium oxide etch. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, March 15, 2016: US09287134 (30 worldwide citation)

Methods of selectively etching titanium oxide relative to silicon oxide, silicon nitride and/or other dielectrics are described. The methods include a remote plasma etch using plasma effluents formed from a fluorine-containing precursor and/or a chlorine-containing precursor. Plasma effluents from t ...

Andrew Nguyen, Kartik Ramaswamy, Srinivas Nemani, Bradley Howard, Yogananda Sarode Vishwanath: Semiconductor system assemblies and methods of operation. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, March 15, 2016: US09287095 (30 worldwide citation)

An exemplary semiconductor processing system may include a remote plasma source coupled with a processing chamber having a top plate. An inlet assembly may be used to couple the remote plasma source with the top plate and may include a mounting assembly, which in embodiments may include at least two ...

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