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A power combining apparatus includes a waveguide structure and a plurality of antenna elements arranged in the waveguide structure, wherein each of the antenna elements comprises a center planar antenna layer, two outer planar antenna layers arranged on opposite sides of the center planar antenna la ...

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A multi-channel mode converter operating with a series of TE or TM mode electromagnetic wave includes a plurality of coaxial waveguides arranged in overlay configuration. By controlling radius ratio and the number of coupling aperture of each coaxial waveguide, high power and high purity of operatin ...

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A robotic system. A housing is removably attachable to a tool interface portion of the robotic system and includes a drive system. In various arrangements, the drive system includes at least one onboard motor that is configured to generate a rotary control motion for application to a surgical end ef ...

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Techniques for testing a wireless communications device are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system and method for testing a wireless communications device. The method may comprise generating an audio test signal. The audio test signal may be tra ...

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A staple cartridge, or fastener cartridge, for a surgical stapler, or fastening instrument, wherein the staple cartridge includes a distally-located cutting blade arranged to cut a distal end portion of a layer, such as a tissue thickness compensator and/or a buttress material, for example, attached ...

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A method of removing titanium nitride is described. The silicon nitride resides on a patterned substrate. The titanium nitride is removed with a gas-phase etch using plasma effluents formed in a remote plasma from a fluorine-containing precursor, a nitrogen-and-hydrogen-containing precursor and an o ...

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The beach/pool bag with hidden compartment has a hidden compartment positioned at the bottom of the bag that is equipped with a zipper-closable access. A flap is provided to cover and conceal the zipper, thereby presenting a false bottom and disguising the existence of the compartment underneath.

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An image sensor includes a plurality of pixels, a plurality of sense circuits, and a count circuit. Each sense circuit is configured to read out electrical signals from at least one pixel associated with the sense circuit in order to generate data representing whether or not photons have been receiv ...

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A method includes, for each of two or more driving sessions in which a student driver operates a vehicle, gathering driving skill data indicative of at least one of behavior of the student driver, acceleration of the vehicle, braking of the vehicle, or steering of the vehicle, and generating a drivi ...

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Methods and systems are disclosed for determining sensor degradation by actively controlling an autonomous vehicle. Determining sensor degradation may include obtaining sensor readings from a sensor of an autonomous vehicle, and determining baseline state information from the obtained sensor reading ...