Elias Nemer
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Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for performing speaker-identification-assisted speech processing in an uplink path of a communication device. In accordance with certain embodiments, a communication device includes speaker identification (SID) logic that is configured to identify the ...

Amr Abdelmonem, Mikhail Galeev, Dariusz Seskiewicz: Method and apparatus for interference mitigation utilizing antenna pattern adjustments. ISCO INTERNATIONAL, Guntin & Gust, Ed Guntin, February 23, 2016: US09271185 (122 worldwide citation)

A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may perform, for example, a method for receiving interference information, identifying a plurality of interferers, approximating a location of the plurality of interferers, and adjusting an antenna pattern of an antenna. The method can include determ ...

Einar Rosenberg: Combination process interaction. Creating Revolutions, Bergman & Song, Michael A Weinstein, Michael Bergman, February 23, 2016: US09270344 (116 worldwide citation)

A method for applying the application of reading multiple NFC tags. By examining the context of the reading, the identification of the NFC tags, and a direction, pattern and/or sequence of reading, a corresponding action is determined and requested.

John F Ley: Reflector arrangement for attachment to a wireless communications terminal. CAMBIUM NETWORKS, Brinks Gilson & Lione, February 23, 2016: US09270013 (96 worldwide citation)

A reflector arrangement is configured for attachment to a wireless communications terminal having a patch antenna. The patch antenna includes a patch radiator in a substantially parallel relationship with a ground plane, and the patch antenna produces a radiation beam of a predetermined beamwidth. T ...

Olivier Luere, Sean S Kang, Srinivas D Nemani: Spacer formation. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, February 23, 2016: US09269590 (53 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present invention pertain to methods of forming more symmetric spacers which may be used for self-aligned multi-patterning processes. A conformal spacer layer of spacer material is formed over mandrels patterned near the optical resolution of a photolithography system using a high ...

Hitoshi Saito: Head-mount type display device. SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, Oliff, February 23, 2016: US09269193 (42 worldwide citation)

A head-mount type display device adapted to allow a user to visually recognize a virtual image in a state of being worn on the head of the user includes an image display section having an image light generation section adapted to generate an image light representing an image, a light blocking sectio ...

David R Oran, Ashok Narayanan: Congestion control using congestion prefix information in a named data networking environment. Cisco Technology, Patent Capital Group, February 23, 2016: US09270598 (39 worldwide citation)

An example method for congestion control using congestion prefix information in a Named Data Networking (NDN) environment is provided and includes sensing, at a first node, congestion preventing an interest packet from being forwarded over a link to a second node, generating a prefix marker associat ...

Nicholas Evan Barker, Susan Denton, Eric Yang, Sujin Hwang: Cable tether system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 23, 2016: US09267572 (36 worldwide citation)

A cable tether system includes a base member and at least one elongate member extending away from the base member. The elongate member is configured to surround at least a portion of a first cable. A second elongate member can be configured to surround at least a portion of a second cable. The base ...

Dan Holden: Grid encoded media asset data. Comcast Cable Communications, Banner & Witcoff, February 23, 2016: US09271052 (29 worldwide citation)

Metadata can identify temporal segments of content associated with a media asset and can identify asset data types. In response to a request for a particular asset, a central office may identify a data type and a temporal segment based on metadata associated with the request.

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Insulated bags having at least three unitary layers of durable material are provided. In one embodiment, a first set of unitary layers of durable material forms a front wall, a bottom wall, and a rear wall. Two additional sets of unitary layers of durable material form side-walls. Edges of the two a ...