Frederick E Shelton IV: Robotically-controlled surgical stapling devices that produce formed staples having different lengths. Ethicon Endo Surgery, January 19, 2016: US09237891 (80 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device that comprises an end effector that is configured to receive various control motions from a robotic system.

Igor Berlin, William P Cune, Jason E Greene: Systems, methods, and devices for increasing radio frequency (RF) power in distributed antenna systems. Corning Optical Communications, January 19, 2016: US09240835 (66 worldwide citation)

A system, and related methods and devices, is disclosed for increasing an output power of a frequency band in a distributed antenna system that includes at least one RXU module that is operatively coupled to at least one RAU module. A first group of the plurality of channels within a first frequency ...

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Systems in accordance with embodiments of the invention can perform parallax detection and correction in images captured using array cameras. Due to the different viewpoints of the cameras, parallax results in variations in the position of objects within the captured images of the scene. Methods in ...

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A resource delivery network and method for distributing content in the network is disclosed herein. The network comprises a plurality of servers arranged in tiers and partitioned. Each server includes a resource store with a set of resources for distribution to a successive tier. Updates to each suc ...

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Techniques for detecting malicious behavior of content or objects are described herein. According to one embodiment, a malicious content suspect is executed within a virtual machine that simulates a target operating environment associated with the malicious content suspect. A communication response ...

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A trailer backup assist system, according to one embodiment, includes a state estimator that determines a current position of a trailer relative to a plurality of waypoints. A trajectory planner may then incrementally generate a path from the current position to the plurality of waypoints. The traje ...

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Semiconductor structures, devices, and methods of forming the structures and device are disclosed. Exemplary structures include multi-gate or FinFET structures that can include both re-channel MOS (NMOS) and p-channel MOS (PMOS) devices to form CMOS structures and devices on a substrate. The devices ...

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A wireless device transmits a first packet in subframe n of a first cell of a first cell group and transmits a second packet in subframe n+1 of a second cell of a second cell group overlapping in time with the transmission of the first packet. The wireless device reduces a subframe transmission powe ...

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Various forms are directed to systems and methods for driving an end effector coupled to an ultrasonic drive system of a surgical instrument. A generator may generate at least one electrical signal. The at least one electrical signal may be monitored against a first set of logic conditions. When an ...

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Platinum and palladium complexes are disclosed that can be useful as narrow band phosphorescent emitters. Also disclosed are methods for preparing and using the platinum and palladium complexes.