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A surgical instrument system that includes a housing and a rotatable drive shaft, a motor operably coupled to the drive shaft, and a plurality of replaceable end effectors that can be connected to the housing. Each replaceable end effector includes a drive screw that is turned a fixed number of revo ...

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Barcode verifiers automate the verification process by capturing an image of the printed barcode and analyzing the image according to an industry specification. Industry specifications (e.g., ISO/IEC 15416,15415) identify common printing errors and prescribe test methods for detecting and quantifyin ...


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Aspects of the present disclosure relate to visual presentation techniques for micro-Doppler signatures.

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Systems and methods are provided for detecting failure in clamping of a material and/or firing of a staple into a clamped material and indicating such failure to a user on a user interface. The system and methods are particularly suited for use with end effectors having closing and/or firing mechani ...

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Image search results are obtained by providing weights to visual features to emphasize features corresponding to objects of interest while simultaneously deemphasizing irrelevant or inconsistent features that lead to poor search results. In order to minimize the impact of visual features that are un ...

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Various example embodiments are directed towards a system and method for closed feedback control of a robotically controlled electrosurgical instrument. In one embodiment, the method comprises applying at least one electrosurgical signal to an electrosurgical end effector a robotically controlled su ...

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A video-on-demand (VOD) content delivery system has a VOD Application Server which manages a database of templates ordered in a hierarchy for presentation of video content elements of different selected types categorized in hierarchical order. The templates include those for higher-order displays wh ...

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A patient safety system including an adjustable bed and a patient monitoring system is disclosed herein. The adjustable bed can automatically adjust to a safe default configuration when the safety system detects that a care provider has left the patient's room or when the safety system detects that ...

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A method for treating a deposition reactor is disclosed. The method removes or mitigates formation of residue in a gas-phase reactor used to deposit doped metal films, such as aluminum-doped titanium carbide films or aluminum-doped tantalum carbide films. The method includes a step of exposing a rea ...