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A stapling system for use with a surgical stapling instrument is disclosed. The stapling system comprises a staple cartridge, a staple cartridge carrier, and a first articulation joint defining a first articulation axis. The stapling system further comprises a second articulation joint defining a se ...

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In various forms, the access devices form at least one passageway through which various surgical instruments and tools may be admitted into the body cavity. Various embodiments may be configured to support an anvil for a circular stapling device therein. Various forms employ a flexible bag for retri ...

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In various embodiments, a compensator can comprise a compensator body comprising a plurality of first packets and a plurality of second packets wherein, in at least one embodiment, each second packet is positioned intermediate two or more first packets. The compensator can further comprise a first m ...

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Signals in an automobile audio system having at least two near-field speakers located close to an intended position of a listener's head are adjusted such that in a first mode, audio signals are distributed to the near-field speakers according to a first filter that causes the listener to perceive a ...

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A method of automatic obstacle location mapping comprises receiving an indication of a feature to be identified in a defined area. An instance of the feature is found within an image. A report is then generated conveying the location of said feature.

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A disposable active pulse sensor has an emitter that generates optical radiation having a plurality of wavelengths, a detector that is responsive to the optical radiation and an unbalanced electrical motor that vibrates when energized. A tape assembly removably attaches the emitter, the detector and ...

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A patient monitor including a physiological measurement logic engine receives physiological data from a physiological sensor. The logic engine abstracts one or more features of the physiological data and determines a category for the abstracted feature. The logic engine further encodes the category ...

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Test structures and method for detecting defects using the same. A probe-able voltage contrast (VC) comb test structure that includes first, second and third probe pads, a comb-like structure including grounded tines, floating tines between the grounded tines, switching devices coupled with an end p ...

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Systems and methods for correction of user identified artifacts in light field images are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention is a method for correcting artifacts in a light field image rendered from a light field obtained by capturing a set of images from different viewpoints and initial dep ...

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One embodiment is directed to a system for enabling two or more users to interact within a virtual world comprising virtual world data, comprising a computer network comprising one or more computing devices, the one or more computing devices comprising memory, processing circuitry, and software stor ...