Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois, Antoine Piccirilli: Process of reactive trituration directly on an oil cake. ARKEMA FRANCE, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney P C, September 1, 2015: US09120996

A process including at least one reactive trituration step which includes putting an oil cake including from 3% to 30% oil in contact with an anhydrous light alcohol and an alkaline catalyst under temperature and time conditions that are sufficient to allow for the extraction and transesterification ...

Elias Nemer
Mohammad Reza Zad Issa, Elias Nemer: Far-end sound quality indication for telephone devices. Broadcom Corporation, McDermott Will & Emery, September 1, 2015: US09124708

A sound quality metric may be determined at a near-end telephone system, the sound quality metric associated with far-end sound quality received at a far-end telephone system. A signal adjustment may be determined, based on the sound quality metric. The signal adjustment may thus be provided at an e ...

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas, Donald Yakimicki: Synthetic polymer adhesives and methods for making, using and delivering the same. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, September 1, 2015: US09119605

A synthetic polymer based adhesive formulation that has properties substantially simulating selected properties of fibrin glue, and methods of making and using the same. The adhesive formulation includes a discrete acid solution and discrete base solution that when combined form a synthetic polymer ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Chester O Baxter III, David C Yates: Rotary actuatable closure arrangement for surgical end effector. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 1, 2015: US09119657 (99 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument may include an end effector, an input drive shaft, a closure drive, and/or a firing drive. The end effector may comprise a jaw assembly including a first jaw member and a second jaw member. The end effector may comprise an I-beam member axially translated between a proximal pos ...

Michael A Leabman, Gregory Scott Brewer: Wireless power transmission with selective range. Energous Corporation, Eric L Sophir, Dentons US, September 1, 2015: US09124125 (96 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure describes a methodology for wireless power transmission based on pocket-forming. This methodology may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the source of energy and the receiver the device that is desired to charge or power. The tran ...

Sung Cheon Park: Power generator having a power selector and organic light emitting display device using the same. SAMSUNG DISPLAY, Lee & Morse P C, September 1, 2015: US09123286 (90 worldwide citation)

A power generator includes a booster that boosts an input voltage supplied from a power supply unit and that supplies a boosted input voltage to an output terminal, a selector that selects one of the input voltage and a voltage at the output terminal as a selected voltage and supplies the selected v ...

Ralph F Osterhout, John N Border, Edward H Nortrup: Stray light suppression for head worn computing. Osterhout Group, GTC Law Group & Affiliates, September 1, 2015: US09122054 (77 worldwide citation)

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to head worn computing lighting systems and stray light control.

Marcelo M Lamego: Reflection-detector sensor position indicator. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 1, 2015: US09119595 (48 worldwide citation)

A reflection-detector sensor position indicator comprises emitters that transmit light having a plurality of wavelengths. A detector outputs a sensor signal. At least one reflection detector outputs at least one sensor position signal. An attachment assembly attaches the emitters, the detector and t ...

Ryu Nakano, Naoki Inoue: Method for controlling in-plane uniformity of substrate processed by plasma-assisted process. ASM IP HOLDING, Snell & Wilmer, September 1, 2015: US09123510 (42 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling in-plane uniformity of a substrate processed by plasma-assisted process in a reactor, includes: supplying a principal gas to a reaction space, and discharging radially the principal gas from the reaction space through an annular duct; and supplying an secondary gas to the re ...

Florian Ciurea, Kartik Venkataraman, Gabriel Molina, Dan Lelescu: Systems and methods for generating depth maps and corresponding confidence maps indicating depth estimation reliability. Pelican Imaging Corporation, KPPB, September 1, 2015: US09123117 (41 worldwide citation)

Systems in accordance with embodiments of the invention can perform parallax detection and correction in images captured using array cameras. Due to the different viewpoints of the cameras, parallax results in variations in the position of objects within the captured images of the scene. Methods in ...