Hirak Chanda
Hirak Chanda, Michael L Jackmeyer, James A Oskins, Jon D Strait: Laundry treating appliance with automatic pump shutoff. Whirlpool Corporation, August 25, 2015: US09115459

A laundry treating appliance having a pump, such as a drain pump, with an automatic shutoff, and a method for controlling the shut off of the pump.

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Alexander D Deitz, Sagy P Mintz: System and method for management and analysis of electronic trade orders. Trading Technologies International, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, August 25, 2015: US09117244

A system and methods are provided for using order descriptor identifiers in relation to orders being used in trading strategies. According to one example method, when a hedge order is submitted upon detecting a fill of another order, the hedge order includes one or more order descriptor identifiers ...

Vincent Le Chevalier
Vincent Le Chevalier, Charles F Geiger: Enhancing automated terms listings in HTML document publishing based on user searches. Chegg, Fenwick & West, August 25, 2015: US09116865

A terms listing production system generates a terms listing associated with an electronic document. Primary terms and primary definitions may be extracted from a glossary associated with the electronic document. Secondary terms may be identified based on user searches in relation to the electronic d ...

Paul Shala Henry, George Blandino, Irwin Gerszberg, Farhad Barzegar, Donald J Barnickel Jr, Thomas M Willis III: Backhaul link for distributed antenna system. AT&T INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY I, Guntin & Gust, Ed Guntin, August 25, 2015: US09119127 (145 worldwide citation)

A distributed antenna and backhaul system provide network connectivity for a small cell deployment. Rather than building new structures, and installing additional fiber and cable, embodiments described herein disclose using high-bandwidth, millimeter-wave communications and existing power line infra ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, James R Giordano, Jeffrey S Swayze: Surgical instrument system. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113874 (130 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument system is disclosed including a surgical instrument and a remote user-controlled actuation console for controlling the surgical instrument.

Taylor W Aronhalt, Frederick E Shelton IV, Kreena R Modi, Christopher J Schall, Joseph E Young, Barry C Worrell, Jerome R Morgan, William B Weisenburgh II, Christopher J Hess, Emily A Heeb: Collapsible anvil plate assemblies for circular surgical stapling devices. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113883 (130 worldwide citation)

Circular stapling instruments and anvil assemblies. The anvil assemblies may have collapsible anvil support members that may be inserted through an opening in a patient and then expanded to be attached to an anvil plate assembly that has a staple-forming surface thereon. The anvil support member is ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Jerome R Morgan, Taylor W Aronhalt, Gregory W Johnson, Chester O Baxter III, Joseph E Young, Barry C Worrell, Christopher J Schall, Mark S Ortiz, Jason K Rupert, Steven G Hall, Daniel J Mumaw, Aron O Zingman, Katherine J Schmid, Jacob S Gee, Richard W Timm: Modular surgical tool systems. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113884 (129 worldwide citation)

Modular surgical instruments are disclosed. In various embodiments, a modular surgical instrument t is disclosed for use with a plurality of interchangeable surgical tool heads that are configured to perform different surgical actions. The instrument is configured to apply a plurality of different r ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Sora Rhee, Chester O Baxter III, Taylor W Aronhalt: Staple cartridge comprising a layer. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113865 (108 worldwide citation)

A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners positioned within the support portion and/or the tissue thickness compensator which can be utilized to fasten tissue. In use, the fastener cart ...

Jerome R Morgan, Frederick E Shelton IV: Surgical stapling instrument with a variable staple forming system. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113862 (108 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument for use with an end effector that has an anvil that is movable relative to a staple cartridge supported in the end effector. The end effector is supported by an elongated shaft that extends from a handle assembly. The staple cartridge has a plurality of unformed staple ...

Jerome R Morgan, Frederick E Shelton IV: Surgical cutting and fastening instruments with separate and distinct fastener deployment and tissue cutting systems. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 25, 2015: US09113864 (108 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument capable for use with an end effector supporting a staple cartridge therein. In various embodiments, the surgical instrument includes a firing system for applying firing motions to the end effector to form the unformed the staples supported in the staple cartridge. The surgical ...