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Jianguo Zhou, Wei Xi, Guoxiao Guo, Hui Li: Data storage device employing adaptive feed-forward control in timing loop to compensate for vibration. Western Digital Technologies, August 18, 2015: US09111575 (9 worldwide citation)

A data storage device is disclosed comprising a head actuated over a disk and a vibration detector configured to generate a vibration signal in response to a vibration affecting the data storage device. A timing loop is configured to generate a disk-locked clock substantially synchronized to a rotat ...

Brett E Swensgard: Stapling instrument comprising resettable staple drivers. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 18, 2015: US09107663 (80 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument can comprise a jaw configured to receive a staple cartridge, a plurality of staple drivers positioned within the jaw configured to eject staples from the staple cartridge, and a firing member configured to engage the staple drivers as the firing member is advanced from ...

Zhijun Chen, Seung Park, Mikhail Korolik, Anchuan Wang, Nitin K Ingle: Non-local plasma oxide etch. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, August 18, 2015: US09111877 (50 worldwide citation)

A method of etching exposed titanium oxide on heterogeneous structures is described and includes a remote plasma etch formed from a fluorine-containing precursor. Plasma effluents from the remote plasma are flawed into a substrate processing region where the plasma effluents may combine with a nitro ...

Derek Lin: Anomaly detection system for enterprise network security. EMC Corporation, Van Pelt Yi & James, August 18, 2015: US09112895 (50 worldwide citation)

Anomaly detection is disclosed, including: determining a set of anomalous events associated with an enterprise network; and determining a path of interest based at least in part on at least a subset of the set of anomalous events.

Vimal K Kamineni, Ruilong Xie, Robert Miller: Silicide protection during contact metallization and resulting semiconductor structures. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Wayne F Reinke Esq, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P C, August 18, 2015: US09111907 (35 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor transistor has a structure including a semiconductor substrate, a source region, a drain region and a channel region in between the source region and the drain region. A metal gate, having a top conductive portion of tungsten is provided above the channel region. A first silicon nitr ...

Paul Shala Henry, George Blandino, Irwin Gerszberg, Farhad Barzegar, Donald J Barnickel, Thomas M Willis III: Backhaul link for distributed antenna system. AT&T INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY I, Guntin & Gust, Ed Guntin, August 18, 2015: US09113347 (34 worldwide citation)

A distributed antenna and backhaul system provide network connectivity for a small cell deployment. Rather than building new structures, and installing additional fiber and cable, embodiments described herein disclose using high-bandwidth, millimeter-wave communications and existing power line infra ...

Walter Nistico, Jan Hoffmann, Eberhard Schmidt: Optical measuring device and system. SENSOMOTORIC INSTRUMENTS GESELLSCHAFT FUR INNOVATIVE SENSORIK MBH, Sughrue Mion PLLC, August 18, 2015: US09107622 (24 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an optical measuring device (1) for capturing at least one parameter of at least one eye (10l, 10r) of a test person (31) wearing the optical measuring device (1), comprising a frame (4), at least one frame insert (8l, 8r) attached to the frame (4) and at least one capturing ...

Gerald Hodgkinson: Surgical stapling apparatus including releasable buttress. Covidien, August 18, 2015: US09107667 (23 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge for use with a surgical stapling apparatus includes a cartridge body, a plurality of staples disposed within the cartridge body, a tissue contacting surface on the cartridge body defining staple retaining slots dimensioned to releasably retain a staple, and a buttress material inc ...

Gerald N Hodgkinson, Sally L Carter: Surgical instrument buttress attachment. Covidien, August 18, 2015: US09107665 (23 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler instrument has surgical stapler jaws, at least one staple line reinforcement material, and a fastener including a hook and a loop. The hook can be disposed on one of the surgical stapler jaws and the loop can be disposed on the staple line reinforcement material. Alternatively, th ...

Nadim Khlat: High-efficiency power supply for a modulated load. RF Micro Devices, Withrow & Terranova P L L C, August 18, 2015: US09112452 (23 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure relates to power supply circuitry that has wide bandwidth and achieves high efficiency by using at least one energy storage element for efficient power transfer between two power supply circuits and to an amplitude modulated load. Specifically, the power supply circuitry may i ...

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