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A surgical stapling apparatus includes a jaw assembly including a pair of jaw members and a surgical buttress positioned adjacent a tissue contacting surface of at least one of the pair of jaw members. The surgical buttress includes a hemostatic agent and is configured to release the hemostatic agen ...

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A detachable motor-powered surgical instrument. The instrument may include a housing that includes at least one engagement member for removably attaching the housing to an actuator arrangement. A motor is supported within the housing for supplying actuation motions to various portions of a surgical ...

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A controller for a power converter and method of operating the same employable with a bridge rectifier having first and second synchronous rectifier switches. In one embodiment, the controller includes an amplifier configured to enable a turn-on delay for the first synchronous rectifier switch. The ...

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Embodiments of an apparatus for treating a deficient mitral valve include an expandable spacer configured for placement between the native leaflets of the mitral valve, the spacer anchorable to a wall of the ventricle. Methods and apparatus for delivering and implanting the prosthetic are also descr ...

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A computer-implemented method of communicating with an unmanned aerial vehicle includes transmitting a first message via a communications transmitter of a lighting assembly for receipt by an unmanned aerial vehicle. The first message includes an identifier associated with the lighting assembly, and ...

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A method and an apparatus for separating a composite signal into a plurality of signals is described. A signal processor receives a composite signal and separates a composite signal in to separate output signals. Pre-demodulation signal values are used to adjust the demodulation scheme.

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In an embodiment, a mobile device includes a sensor processor system, an application processor system and a power management controller that controls power being applied to the application processor system. The sensor processor system monitors sensors connected to the mobile device. The sensor proce ...

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Semiconductor memory is provided wherein a memory cell includes a capacitorless transistor having a floating body configured to store data as charge therein when power is applied to the cell. The cell further includes a nonvolatile memory comprising a resistance change element configured to store da ...

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In one aspect, a method to synchronize a replica volume with a production volume includes providing a first snapshot of the production volume and a first dirty list that includes differences between the first snapshot and the replica volume; sending only a portion of the differences between the firs ...

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In one aspect, a method includes performing replication of a first volume using a snapshot shipping mode, performing replication of a second volume using a continuous replication mode and generating a consistent point in time for the first and second volumes to enable retrieval of replicated data fr ...