Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Wei Guo, Jianguo Zhou, Yiming Chen, Guoxiao Guo, Jie Yu: Data storage device detecting free fall condition from disk speed variations. Western Digital Technologies, June 16, 2015: US09058826 (1 worldwide citation)

A data storage device is disclosed comprising a disk comprising data, and a head actuated over the disk. A timing signal is generated by reading the data from the disk, and a frequency generator is adjusted based on the timing signal to generate a disk locked clock substantially synchronized to a ro ...

Eric First, M.D.
Eric R First: Cosmetic neurotoxin compositions and methods. Allergan, Brigitte C Phan, Ted A Chan, Debra D Condino, June 16, 2015: US09056059

Cosmetic compositions include a Clostridial neurotoxin component and a microsphere component. In certain compositions, the composition includes a botulinum toxin and a plurality of swellable microspheres. The compositions are administered to individuals, by injection and the like, to treat a cosmeti ...

Sven Powilleit: Data collection module and system. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, June 16, 2015: US09058526 (180 worldwide citation)

A data collection module including an illumination assembly and an imaging assembly, a processor configured to operate the illumination and imaging assemblies, at least one network interface configured to communicate with a terminal module, at least one power supply and a terminal module interface c ...

Thomas Amundsen, Sean Philip Kearney, Shane Michael Edmonds, Ynjiun Paul Wang, Timothy Good, Michael Miraglia, Charles Joseph Cunningham IV, Xiaoxun Zhu, Patrick Anthony Giordano: Method of and system for detecting object weighing interferences. Metrologic Instruments, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, June 16, 2015: US09057641 (167 worldwide citation)

A POS-based checkout/scale system having (i) a bar code symbol reading subsystem for reading bar code symbols on products being purchased at a retail POS station, and (ii) a produce weigh scale having a weigh scale assembly for weighing one or more produce items on a weigh platter during produce wei ...

Edward D Kingsley, Satish Agrawal: Photoluminescent objects. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR, Cantor Colburn, June 16, 2015: US09057021 (141 worldwide citation)

An object comprising a low rare earth mineral photoluminescent structure incorporated onto or into one or more portions of the object, the object being a photoluminescent object is disclosed. Further disclosed is a method for fabricating the object. An object comprising a low rare earth mineral phot ...

Noh Gyoung Kang, Eun Tae Won, Joon Ho Park, Jun Ho Koh, Se Ho Park, Hee Won Jung: Wireless charging method and apparatus. Samsung Electronics, The Farrell Law Firm P C, June 16, 2015: US09059598 (116 worldwide citation)

A wireless charging method includes synchronizing power phases of at least two charging power supply devices, and wirelessly charging a terminal using the at least two charging power supply devices.

Yun Jae Won, Seung Ok Lim, Yeon Kug Moon, Yong Seok Lim, Young Han Kim: Method and system for multi wireless charging. Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Sughrue Mion PLLC, June 16, 2015: US09059599 (115 worldwide citation)

A wireless multi charging method and system are disclosed. The wireless charging method selects a portion of mobile devices located in a charging region as a group, and provides energy for wireless charging to the selected group of mobile devices. Accordingly, group charging is possible, and thus it ...

Katherine J Schmid, Frederick E Shelton IV, Chester O Baxter III, Taylor W Aronhalt, Joseph E Young: Staple cartridge including collapsible deck. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 16, 2015: US09055941 (109 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge for use with a surgical stapler can comprise a cartridge deck and a plurality of staples at least partially positioned within the cartridge deck. In use, the staples can be supported by a first jaw of the surgical stapler and deformed by a second jaw. As the staples are being defo ...

Mingyu Wang: Systems and methods for UAV docking. SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, June 16, 2015: US09056676 (84 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for docking an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a vehicle. The UAV may be able to distinguish a companion vehicle from other vehicles in the area and vice versa. The UAV may take off and/or land on the vehicle. The UAV may be used to capture images and stream the i ...

Gerald Hodgkinson, Sally Carter: Surgical instrument buttress attachment. Covidien, June 16, 2015: US09055944 (81 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler instrument has surgical stapler jaws, at least one staple line reinforcement material, and a fastener including a hook and a loop. The hook can be disposed on one of the surgical stapler jaws and the loop can be disposed on the staple line reinforcement material. Alternatively, th ...