Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Guoxiao Guo, Russ A Quisenberry, Wei Guo, Michael Chang, Jie Yu: Data storage device reading servo sector while writing data sector. Western Digital Technologies, June 9, 2015: US09053712 (24 worldwide citation)

A data storage device is disclosed comprising a disk surface comprising a plurality of tracks, wherein each track comprises a plurality of data sectors and a plurality of servo sectors. The data storage device further comprises a head actuated over the disk surface, the head comprising at least one ...

Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Qingwei Jia, Shuyu Cao, Guoxiao Guo, Jie Yu: Disk drive measuring a resonance mode by injecting sinusoids into a servo control system. Western Digitial Technologies, June 9, 2015: US09052701

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk comprising a plurality of servo tracks defined by servo sectors recorded around the circumference of the disk at a servo sampling frequency, and a servo control system operable to actuate a head over the disk by generating a control signal applied to an ac ...

Rui Hou, Gyan Zhang, Hao Xu, Yuwen Zhou, Stephen Colavito: Laser barcode scanner. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, June 9, 2015: US09053378 (205 worldwide citation)

The present laser barcode scanner employs (i) a simplified scan mechanism made from a semi-flexible substrate that eliminates complicated optical assemblies, (ii) a layout with location features eliminating the need for special alignment, and (iii) a layout with all surface mounted devices on a sing ...

Tao Xian, Ynjiun Paul Wang, Thomas Amundsen: Removeable scanning module for mobile communication terminal. Honeywell International, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, June 9, 2015: US09053380 (203 worldwide citation)

A decodable indicia reading system can comprise a mobile communication terminal and a removable scanning module. The mobile communication terminal can comprise a microprocessor and a memory. The mobile communication terminal can further comprise at least one wired communication interface including a ...

Aldo Mario Caballero: Device management using virtual interfaces cross-reference to related applications. Honeywell International, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, June 9, 2015: US09053055 (201 worldwide citation)

Methods managing data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system are provided. A physical interface for communicating data between a peripheral device and the plurality of applications executing on the host computer system is opened and controlled by a software module. A firs ...

David C Yates, Thomas W Huitema, Frederick E Shelton IV, Brett E Swensgard: Motorized surgical instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 9, 2015: US09050083 (133 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting and fastening instrument that is motorized. The instrument comprises in one embodiment a charge accumulator device, separate from a battery, that provides additional power to the motor under certain conditions. In addition, the motor may comprise multiple windings.

Katherine J Schmid, Chester O Baxter III, Taylor W Aronhalt, Joseph E Young, Frederick E Shelton IV: Staple cartridge including collapsible deck arrangement. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 9, 2015: US09050084 (111 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge for use with a surgical stapler can comprise a cartridge deck and a plurality of staples at least partially positioned within the cartridge deck. In various embodiments, the staples can comprise legs which extend upwardly from the deck wherein the deck can further include supports ...

Gil Rosen, Yaacov Ziv: Messaging system and method. TRIPLAY, Browdy and Neimark PLLC, June 9, 2015: US09055416 (81 worldwide citation)

A method of cross-platform messaging including receiving, by a messaging system, at least one initial message having a message format, an initial message layout and data indicative of at least one user associated with the at least one initial message, and before delivery to a destination communicati ...

David C Yates, Frederick E Shelton IV, Kevin L Houser, Aron O Zingman, Donna L Korvick, Ashvani K Madan, John W Willis: Surgical instrument with feedback at end effector. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, June 9, 2015: US09050100 (60 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for operating on tissue includes a body, a lip in communication with the body, and at least one electrode also in communication with the body. The body is able to mechanically couple with a portion of an end effector, which may be controlled by a user through a handpiece. The lip is con ...

Peter F Hill: Enhanced caching of network content. AMAZON TECHNOLOGIES, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, June 9, 2015: US09055124 (60 worldwide citation)

Features are disclosed for caching network resources. A system determines whether a resource which does not contain an indication in its associated header that it is cacheable may nevertheless be cached. The determination may be based on observations of a number of requests for the resource over tim ...