Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Richard K Wong, Sanghoon Chu, Guoxiao Guo, Jack M Chue, Carl E Barlow, Wei Guo, Michael Chang: Disk drive compensating for cycle slip of disk locked clock when reading mini-wedge. Western Digital Technologies, May 5, 2015: US09025269

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a head actuated over a disk comprising a plurality of servo tracks defined by full sectors and intervening short servo sectors, where each full servo sector comprises a preamble, a sync mark, and servo bursts, and each short servo sector comprises a reference pat ...

Yimin DING
DING YIMIN, WANG QIANG, YANG HUIFENG, HUANG JUN: [ZH] 一种用于可穿戴设备的中央处理模块, [EN] Central processing module for wearable device. BEIJING TONGFANG MICROELECTRONICS, May 27, 2015: CN137644094

[EN] The invention discloses a central processing module for a wearable device, and relates to the technical field of wearable devices of electronic technology. The central processing module comprises an antenna, a non-contact IC (integrated circuit) card circuit, a processing circuit, a sensor circ ...

Yimin DING
DING YIMIN, WANG QIANG, YANG HUIFENG, HUANG JUN: [ZH] 一种用于可穿戴设备的集成电路结构, [EN] Integrated circuit structure used for wearable equipment. BEIJING TONGFANG MICROELECTRONICS, May 27, 2015: CN137644076

[EN] The invention discloses an integrated circuit (IC) structure used for wearable equipment and relates to the technical field of wearable equipment in electronic technologies. A wireless interface unit is connected to a stabilized voltage unit through a rectifier unit. Output of the stabilized vo ...

Ugochukwu Njoku
Daniel F Casper, Mark P Bendyk, John R Flanagan, Catherine C Huang, Matthew J Kalos, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Dale F Riedy, Gustav E Sittmann III, Harry M Yudenfriend: Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, Steven Chiu, May 26, 2015: US09043494 (1 worldwide citation)

A method includes configuring a processing circuit to perform: receiving a control word for an I/O operation, forwarding a transport command control block (TCCB) from the channel subsystem to a control unit, gathering data associated with the I/O operation, and transmitting the gathered data to the ...

Vincent Le Chevalier
Arieh Glazer, Ohad Eder Pressman, Vincent Le Chevalier, Charles F Geiger: Application gateway in a browser based environment. Chegg, Fenwick & West, May 26, 2015: US09043807 (1 worldwide citation)

An application gateway enables controlled communication between application components within a browser based environment while maintaining a level of isolation of the individual application components. A dispatching API wrapper and a listening API wrapper are registered for each of a plurality of a ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Markus Brandhorst, Jean Luc Dubois: Method for cleaving unsaturated fatty chains. Arkema France, Steven D Boyd, May 19, 2015: US09035079

The invention relates to a method for cleaving unsaturated fatty chains comprising a step of oxidative cleavage in which at least one fatty acid derivative having at least one unsaturation is reacted in the liquid phase with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a catalyst for activating the reaction ...

Serge Le Gonidec
Serge Le Gonidec, Olivier Faye: Device for adjusting an operating variable of an engine. Snecma, Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, May 19, 2015: US09037380 (1 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for regulating an engine by using an actuator that is controlled in bang-bang mode, in which non-linearities are introduced in the control strategy in order to avoid putting excessive demand on an electric motor. The actuator is controlled by power supply pulses, which is a specific type ...

Abudu Shalamu
GAO JIANXIN, QI YINXIN, ZHANG JIANGHUI, ZHANG MINGYI, SHA LAMU, LIU YUFU, GUO JIN, GENG FANKUN, SUN JUAN, HUA YONGHUI, KE CHUNGUANG, BA YIN, CUI XIAOHONG, YIN HUI: [ZH] 一种多功能低功耗节水灌溉装置及其系统, [EN] Multi-functional low-power-consumption water-saving irrigation device and system. XINJIANG INSTITUTE OF WATER RESOURCES AND HYDRAULIC POWER, guo guanhou, May 13, 2015: CN133685386

[EN] The invention relates to a multi-functional low-power-consumption water-saving irrigation device and system. The irrigation device comprises a solar electricity supplying device, a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor, a long-range control terminal, a flow meter and an electric valve, wherein the ...

Yajun Zhao
ZHAO YAJUN, MO LINMEI, XU HANQING: [ZH] 一种发现信号处理方法和基站, [EN] Discover signal process method and base station. ZTE CORPORATION, tian gongjuan long hong, May 13, 2015: CN133673329

[EN] The invention provides a discover signal process method and a base station. The method comprises that the base station configures partially available resources of a designated reference signal as a DS resource, the base station sends the DS based on the configuration, and a terminal measures th ...

Bahman Qawami
Xian Jun Liu, Robert C Chang, Po Yuan, Junzhi Wang, Ron Barzilai, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Integration of secure data transfer applications for generic IO devices. SanDisk Technologies, Davis Wright Tremaine, May 12, 2015: US09032154

Techniques are presented for sending an application instruction from a hosting digital appliance to a portable medium, where the instruction is structured as one or more units whose size is a first size, or number of bytes. After flushing the contents of a cache, the instruction is written to the ca ...