MULREED JEFFREY : [de] Ambossanordnung und Abgabesystem, [en] Anvil assembly and delivery system, [fr] Système de distribution et ensemble à enclume. COVIDIEN  , May 20, 2015: EP2873380-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] An anvil assembly (100) suitable for trans-oral delivery includes an anvil head (110) configured to receive a guide suture (S2) that is severed during a stapling procedure. An anvil delivery assembly includes the anvil assembly and a suture guide assembly (204) secured to the anvil assembly.

LACROIX ROBERT , GRANT DANNY , DA COSTA HENRY , RANK STEPHEN D , BIRNBAUM DAVID , RIHN WILLIAM : [de] Haptisches Auslösersteuersystem, [en] Haptic trigger control system, [fr] Système de commande de déclenchement haptique. IMMERSION CORP , May 20, 2015: EP2873447-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] A system that controls a haptic effect experienced at a trigger is provided. The system receives a haptic effect definition including haptic data. The system further receives trigger data including at least one of: a position of a trigger of a peripheral device or a range of the trigger of the ...

MEURER GEROLD : [de] Auszugsführung für ein Gerät, [en] Pull-out guide for a device, [fr] Guide dextraction pour un appareil. LAAG S R L , May 20, 2015: EP2873881-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

[de] Eine Auszugsführung für ein Gerät oder ein Möbel umfasst eine Führungsschiene (21), eine Zwischenschiene (22), eine Laufschiene (23), eine erste Kugelbahn (26) in der Führungsschiene, eine zweite Kugelbahn (27) in der Zwischenschiene auf der der Führungsschiene zugewandten Seite, eine dritte Ku ...

TELLJOHANN PATRICK D , PIERCE SCOTT A : [de] Vorrichtungsklasseninformationsträger für Vorrichtungen mit mehreren Optionen, [en] Device class information support for multi-option devices, [fr] Support dinformations de la catégorie de dispositif pour dispositifs à options multiples. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION TECH  , May 20, 2015: EP2874033-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] A system for defining information for multi-option devices connected to an industrial network is disclosed. Each device has a single electronic data sheet (EDS) defining options associated with the device as well as each of the choices associated with those options. An option data sheet (ODS) i ...

DRENNEN DAVID B , KELLER STEVEN : [de] Temperaturkompensationsvorrichtung für Dehnungsmessstreifen von elektromechanischem Aktuator, [en] Electromechanical actuator strain gauge temperature compensation device, [fr] Dispositif de compensation de température de jauge de contrainte dactionneur électromécanique. GOODRICH CORP , May 20, 2015: EP2873887-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] The EMA (100) may comprise an EMA housing (102), a strain gauge (202 400) coupled to the EMA housing (102), the strain gauge (202 400) comprising a Wheatstone bridge (300), the Wheatstone bridge (300) comprising a first group of resistors (302,304) coupled in parallel with a second group of res ...

MURAKI KENICHI , HASHIGUCHI TETSURO , IKADAI KAZUYASU : [de] Kosmetikvorrichtung, [en] Cosmetic Device, [fr] Dispositif de cosmétique. PANASONIC IP MAN  , May 20, 2015: EP2873452-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] A cosmetic device (1) includes a bubble generator (120) configured to generate bubbles, a cosmetic unit (110) configured to exert a cosmetic effect on a skin, and a motor (13) configured to drive at least the cosmetic unit (110). The bubble generator (120) includes an agitating and mixing mecha ...


GAUDIG RALF : [en] Closable device for holding objects in a vehicle. GM GLOBAL TECH OPERATIONS  , May 20, 2015: GB2520400-A (1 worldwide citation)

[en] A container 101 with cover or lid 103 for holding objects in a vehicle, wherein the cover 103 opens in two different directions by swivelling around a first 104 or second 105 hinge the container 101 has one bearing 106,107 per hinge 104,105, and each hinge consists of a first 600 and second 402 ...


WADE ANDREW LESLIE : [en] Apparatus and method to verify Thermal Disinfection in the field of appliances such as laundry washing machines and automatic dishwashing machines. WADE ANDREW LESLIE , PHS LAUNDRYSERV , May 20, 2015: GB2520287-A (1 worldwide citation)

[en] The apparatus is a device which may be placed inside a washing machine to verify that thermal disinfection has taken place by periodically sampling the temperature during a washing cycle. The results are automatically compared with local, regional, national or international standards for therma ...

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