Shine C Chung: Low-pin-count non-volatile memory interface for 3D IC. April 28, 2015: US09019791 (29 worldwide citation)

A low-pin-count non-volatile (NVM) memory to be provided in an integrated circuit for a 3D IC to repair defects, trim devices, or adjust parameters is presented here. At least one die in a 3D IC can be built with at least one low-pin-count OTP memory. The low-pin-count OTP memory can be built with a ...

Paul V Cooper: Transferring molten metal using non-gravity assist launder. Snell & Wilmer L, April 28, 2015: US09017597 (29 worldwide citation)

A system and method for transferring molten metal from a vessel and into a launder is disclosed. The system includes at least a vessel for containing molten metal, an overflow (or dividing) wall, and a device or structure, such as a molten metal pump, for generating a stream of molten metal. The div ...

Shine C Chung: Multiple-state one-time programmable (OTP) memory to function as multi-time programmable (MTP) memory. April 28, 2015: US09019742 (29 worldwide citation)

A circuit, method, and system for using multiple-state One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory to function as a multiple-bit programmable (MTP) memory. The OTP memory can have N (N>2) distinct resistance states, that can be differentiated by at least N−1 reference resistances, can be functionally equival ...

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A system and method to perform Full Duplex (FD) Space Division Duplex (SDD) communication using a Self-Interference Cancelling (SIC) precoder that applies different antenna phase shifts and amplitude scales to the transmitted signals to force them to be in the null space of the selected receive ante ...

Andreas Schwager, Lothar Stadelmeier, Daniel Schneider: Communications system using beamforming. SONY Corporation, Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt L, April 28, 2015: US09020049 (29 worldwide citation)

In a MIMO communications system a first communications device applies beamforming to a complete transmission packet including both synchronization data and either payload data or training symbols. A second communications device evaluates the beamformed synchronization data and determines and transmi ...

Siva Rama Kumar Somayajula, Clifton Liu, Kenneth P Kiraly, Varadarajan Gopalakrishnan, Jay P Desai, Subram Narasimhan: Single version of a user device modem for use with different wireless carriers. Amazon Technologies, Lowenstein Sandler, April 28, 2015: US09020479 (29 worldwide citation)

A user device determines a current subscriber identity module (SIM) profile, identifies a modem profile that corresponds to the current SIM profile, and updates a non-volatile memory of a modem with the identified modem profile.

Ivan Andrew McCracken, Duane Martin Evans, Brett Tomky: Electronic connector. Microsoft Technology Licensing, Jeremy Snodgrass, Judy Yee, Micky Minhas, April 28, 2015: US09017092 (28 worldwide citation)

An electronic connector includes a base, a tapered extension protruding from the base, and a nose forming a terminal end of the tapered extension. The tapered extension includes first and second connection faces tapering toward each other from the base to the nose symmetrically about a first symmetr ...

Tzony Siegal, Oded Loebl, Didier Toubia: Expanding implant for insertion between two regions of tissue and corresponding method. NLT Spine, Mark M Friedman, April 28, 2015: US09017413 (27 worldwide citation)

A laterally deflectable asymmetric implant for implanting into a body may comprise a deflectable piece having distal and proximal ends and assuming a straightened insertion state. The backbone may abut or interconnect with said deflectable piece at the distal end of the deflectable piece. In a fully ...

Peter J Lynch, Gary R Stangland, Gregory J Holland: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH445169. Monsanto Technology, Dentons US, April 28, 2015: US09018492 (27 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, there is provided seed and plants of the hybrid corn variety designated CH445169. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and tissue cultures of the variety CH445169, and to methods for producing a corn plant produced by crossing a corn plant of variety CH445169 w ...

Stefan Bernbo, Christian Melander, Roger Persson, Gustav Petersson: Method and device for writing data to a data storage system comprising a plurality of data storage nodes. Compuverde, Condo Roccia Koptiw, April 28, 2015: US09021053 (27 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a method for writing data in a data storage system comprising a plurality of data storage nodes, the method being employed in a server running an application which accesses data in the data storage system, and comprising: sending a multicast storage query to a plurality of said st ...