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The present invention provides for soybean plant and seed comprising transformation event MON89788 and DNA molecules unique to these events. The invention also provides methods for detecting the presence of these DNA molecules in a sample.

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Method of and system for reading bar code symbols using a hand-supportable laser scanning bar code symbol reading system supporting an improved level control over the length and intensity characteristics of laser scan lines projected onto scanned objects, at any instant in time, in a manner dependen ...

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Disclosed is an apparatus for an application including a core device for the application. The apparatus includes a power (preferably RF energy) harvester connected to the core device to power the core device. Also disclosed is a method for an application. The method includes the steps of converting ...

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Embodiments related to managing the process feed conditions for a semiconductor process module are provided. In one example, a gas channel plate for a semiconductor process module is provided. The example gas channel plate includes a heat exchange surface including a plurality of heat exchange struc ...

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An agent on a device within a network receives a request to access a resource outside the network. A first encrypted connection is established between the device and the agent, and a second encrypted connection is established between the agent and the resource, to facilitate encrypted communication ...

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Optical resonators that are enhanced with photoluminescent phosphors and are designed and configured to output light at one or more wavelengths based on input/pump light, and systems and devices made with such resonators. In some embodiments, the resonators contain multiple optical resonator cavitie ...

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A communication network is operated by receiving traffic from a user device at a gateway device associated with a gateway service provider, which manages gateways to both secure and insecure networks. The gateway uses security policies to determine if traffic is destined to the secure or insecure ne ...

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An access system and method for transmitting Ethernet signals and mobile communication signals. The system includes a near-end host unit and remote-end user units. Through the near-end host unit, the Ethernet signals and mobile communication signals can be combined. The near-end and remote-end host ...

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A system and method for dynamically optimizing the performance of indoor distributed antenna systems communicate to user equipment is disclosed. The user equipment measures information describing the downlink signals such as the downlink data rates, the quality of the received signal, and the locati ...

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An exemplary printable composition of a liquid or gel suspension of diodes comprises a plurality of diodes, a first solvent and/or a viscosity modifier. An exemplary apparatus comprises: a plurality of diodes; at least a trace amount of a first solvent; and a polymeric or resin film at least partial ...