David C Yates, Thomas W Huitema, Frederick E Shelton IV: Motorized surgical instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, April 14, 2015: US09005230 (114 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting and fastening instrument that is motorized. The instrument comprises in one embodiment a charge accumulator device, separate from a battery, that provides additional power to the motor under certain conditions. In addition, the motor may comprise multiple windings.

Franck Laffargue, Patrice Thebault, Jeffrey Mark Hunt: Dimensioning system calibration systems and methods. INTERMEC IP, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, April 14, 2015: US09007368 (101 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods of determining the volume and dimensions of a three-dimensional object using a dimensioning system are provided. The dimensioning system can include an image sensor, a non-transitory, machine-readable, storage, and a processor. The dimensioning system can select and fit a three-d ...

Byoung Whi Kim, Han Hyub Lee, Jie Hyun Lee, Bong Tae Kim: Wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network system. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Rabin & Berdo P C, April 14, 2015: US09008513 (80 worldwide citation)

The present invention proposes a wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network (WDM-PON) system which transmits downstream data to an optical network unit (ONU) as an optical line termination (OLT) receives seed light from a spectrum-sliced external light source module. One characteristic ...

Yu Jia Chen, Chen Hung Liao, Li Chun Wang, Chung Chih Li, Ying Chieh Liao: Node computing data encryption method. Inventec, Inventec Corporation, Huffman Law Group PC, April 14, 2015: US09009460 (79 worldwide citation)

A data encryption method, adapted to a node computing device in a cloud server system comprises following steps. A primary data is received. A dimension of an encrypted matrix is computed. An encryption length is computed, and data segments matching the encryption length are extracted from the prima ...

Christophe Kleo, Bastien Grandgirard, Alexandre Richard, Adele Verrat Debailleul: Luminous vehicle glazing and manufacture thereof. Saint Gobain Glass France, Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt L, April 14, 2015: US09006751 (74 worldwide citation)

A luminous vehicle glazing containing: a first sheet having a first and a second main face; a peripheral light source, the emitting face facing an injection side, which is a side of the second face; a surface diffusion extractor, which extracts the guided light via the first and/or the second main f ...

Jacob Albertson, Melody Hildebrandt, Harkirat Singh, Shyam Sankar, Rick Ducott, Peter Maag, Marissa Kimball: Security sharing system. Palantir Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 14, 2015: US09009827 (68 worldwide citation)

Systems and techniques for sharing security data are described herein. Security rules and/or attack data may be automatically shared, investigated, enabled, and/or used by entities. A security rule may be enabled on different entities comprising different computing systems to combat similar security ...

Amir Keyvan Khandani: Wireless transmission with channel state perturbation. Invention Mine, April 14, 2015: US09008208 (66 worldwide citation)

Generating a channel codebook by identifying a subset of antenna configurations from a plurality of antenna configurations of an antenna associated with a transmitter by: transmitting a sequence of symbols from the transmitter to a receiver using the plurality of antenna configurations, wherein each ...

Osman Abdoul Ismael, Dawn Song: Framework for efficient security coverage of mobile software applications installed on mobile devices. FireEye, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, April 14, 2015: US09009823 (64 worldwide citation)

A method is described that includes generating a representation of an application that describes specific states of the application and specific state transitions of the application. The method also includes identifying a region of interest of the application based on rules and observations of the a ...

Osman Abdoul Ismael, Ashar Aziz: Framework for multi-phase analysis of mobile applications. FireEye, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, April 14, 2015: US09009822 (62 worldwide citation)

A method is described that includes 1 receiving one or more user provided rules for an application of a mobile device through a user interface. The method also includes generating a representation of the application that describes various states and state transitions of the application. The method a ...

Nicholas J Katrana, Thomas M Vanasse, Robert Metzger: Patient-specific elbow guides and associated methods. Biomet Manufacturing, Harness Dickey, April 14, 2015: US09005297 (51 worldwide citation)

A patient-specific alignment guide includes a three-dimensional engagement surface customized in a pre-operating planning stage by computer imaging to closely mate and conform to a corresponding bone portion of a patient's elbow joint. The patient-specific alignment guide defines a first longitudina ...

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