David M McCuen: Method and apparatus for determining parameters of linear motion in a surgical instrument. Covidien, February 24, 2015: US08960520 (120 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument and method of controlling the surgical instrument are disclosed. The surgical instrument includes a housing and an elongated shaft that extends distally from the housing and defines a first longitudinal axis. The surgical instrument also includes a firing rod disposed in the el ...

Stanislaw Kostrzewski: Loose staples removal system. Covidien, February 24, 2015: US08960521 (109 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge is provided for retaining fully formed staples not clenched through body tissue. The staple cartridge generally includes staple pockets containing surgical staples having a backspan and first and second legs projecting from the backspan and staple pushers positioned within the sta ...

John D Haddick, Ralph F Osterhout: Video display modification based on sensor input for a see-through near-to-eye display. Microsoft Corporation, Rachael Vaughn, Leonard Smith, Micky Minhas, February 24, 2015: US08964298 (90 worldwide citation)

This disclosure concerns a near field communication (NFC) device which includes a wrist-worn NFC-enabled electronics device, wherein the wrist-worn NFC enabled electronics device includes a first communications link for communicating with a second NFC-enabled electronics device via NFC protocols, an ...

Kenneth W Brown: Universal microwave waveguide joint and mechanically steerable microwave transmitter. Raytheon Company, Eric A Gifford, February 24, 2015: US08963790 (79 worldwide citation)

A universal joint comprising a pair of circular waveguide ball-joints and a slip-joint allows for simultaneous 3-axis rotation and 3-dimensional translation between an antenna and a stationary source. As such, the universal joint does not have to be physically aligned with the azimuth, and elevation ...

Sang Woo Lee, Dong IL Seo: Authentication method and apparatus for detecting and preventing source address spoofing packets. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, February 24, 2015: US08966609 (78 worldwide citation)

An authentication apparatus for detecting and preventing a source address spoofing packet, includes a packet reception unit configured to receive a packet from a previous node or a user host; a self-assurance type ID generation unit configured to generate a self-assurance type ID of a source node of ...

Mohamed Y Hai Maharsi: Insulator integrated power supply. ABB Technology, Paul R Katterle, Melissa J Szczepanik, February 24, 2015: US08964433 (76 worldwide citation)

A power scavenging device attaches to an overhead power cable and a support pole. The power scavenging device includes a non-conducting outer body and a first capacitor and a second capacitor that are connected in series forming a voltage divider. A voltage source converter is electrically connected ...

Yousef F Alkhatib: Two-stage collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves and anchoring systems. St Jude Medical, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, February 24, 2015: US08961595 (65 worldwide citation)

Prosthetic heart valve apparatus is adapted for delivery into a patient in a circumferentially collapsed condition, followed by circumferential re-expansion at the implant site in the patient. The apparatus includes an annular anchoring structure that can be implanted in the patient first. The appar ...

Erik Visser, Pei Xiang: Systems, methods, and apparatus for enhanced acoustic imaging. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Austin Rapp & Hardman, February 24, 2015: US08965546 (57 worldwide citation)

Methods, systems, and apparatus for using a psychoacoustic-bass-enhanced signal to drive an array of loudspeakers are disclosed.

Jamsheed Bugwadia, Yun Freund, Paul E Zeldin: Automated network device configuration and network deployment. Trapeze Networks, February 24, 2015: US08966018 (56 worldwide citation)

Automatically configuring network device, network system architecture, and method for configuring one or a plurality of devices on a network. Device and network system architectures and methods for automatically self-initiating and configuring one, a plurality, or hundreds of wired or wireless netwo ...

Robert R Parsons, Michael R Nicolette, Bradley D Schweigert: Golf club heads and methods to manufacture golf club heads. Parsons Xtreme Golf, February 24, 2015: US08961336 (55 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of golf club heads and methods to manufacture golf club heads are generally described herein. In one example, a golf club head may include a plurality of weight portions and a body portion. The plurality of weight portions may be associated with a total weight portion mass. The body port ...

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