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In general, techniques are described for scheduling traffic for delivery over an aggregated bundle of links. A network device comprising an interface and a data plane may implement the techniques. The interface receives packets associated with packet flows. The data plane associates each of the pack ...

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Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. Described are methods and designs for medical environments and devices. Wireless energy transfer is utilized to eliminate cords and power cables from operating instruments and electronic equipment requiring mobility.

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A device with a substrate lens antenna uses a lens shaped dielectric body located on top of a planar feed antenna. A leaky wave antenna structure is used as feed antenna. The leaky wave antenna structure has a feed input and a first and second wave propagation branch extending from the feed input. T ...

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A method for using a doorbell system can block a first electricity that is less than a first threshold from entering an electronic chime. By blocking the first electricity from entering the electronic chime, the electronic chime is not allowed to emit a notification sound. The method for using the d ...