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Multitier deduplication can reduce the amount of bandwidth and storage resources used during deduplication. In certain embodiments, the system can determine if a data block is stored in a first archive data storage. If so, the system can skip the data block. If not, the system can determine if the d ...

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One or more embodiments describe a decision feedback equalizer for highly spectrally efficient communications. A method may be performed in a decision feedback equalizer (DFE). The method may include initializing values of tap coefficients of the DFE based on values of tap coefficients of a partial ...

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Methods for the evolution of NADPH binding ketol-acid reductoisomerase enzymes to acquire NADH binding functionality are provided. Specific mutant ketol-acid reductoisomerase enzymes isolated from Pseudomonas that have undergone co-factor switching to bind NADH are described.

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The invention relates to an apparatus for displacing tissue within the body, wherein the apparatus includes two or more attachment members selectively displaceable with respect to each other via a driving member. The driving member preferably is rotatable and is caused to rotate by a magnetic actuat ...

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A climate-conditioned bed includes an upper portion having at least a first climate zone and at least one fluid module associated with such a first climate zone. The fluid module comprises a fluid transfer device for selectively moving a fluid and a thermoelectric device for selectively heating or c ...

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A wearable digital video camera (10) is equipped with wireless connection protocol and global navigation and location positioning system technology to provide remote image acquisition control and viewing. The Bluetooth® packet-based open wireless technology standard protocol (400) is preferred for u ...

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The present specification discloses pharmaceutical compositions, methods of preparing such pharmaceutical compositions, and methods and uses of treating a chronic inflammation and/or an inflammatory disease in an individual using such pharmaceutical compositions.

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A communications link includes multiple continuously calibrated parallel lines, wherein one or more lines are at least partially powered down while being continuously calibrated to reduce power consumption. In one aspect, at least N+1 lines (where N is the logical bus width) are periodically recalib ...

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Disclosed is a medical driving device having a first motor coupled to a region of a first drive shaft; a second motor coupled to a second drive shaft; a coupler coupled to the second drive shaft and interchangeably connected to a working tool; a tool guide assembly comprising a tool guide surroundin ...

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A method and arrangements at a multimedia distribution network for estimating a present user constellation of a household are suggested. A sequence of textual descriptors that are associated with a multimedia sequence that is presently provided to the household is monitored. By acquiring a set of pa ...