James Kraemer Ph.D.
Timothy Durniak, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Born encrypted optical data. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, November 25, 2014: US08898483

A device for generating a born encrypted optical file includes a photovoltaic matrix for converting an optical image into a digital file. The digital file is a collection of digital data that has not been processed by any image processing logic and thus cannot be used to directly generate a reproduc ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer, Josko Silobrcic: Identification of null sets in a context-based electronic document search. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, November 25, 2014: US08898165

A computer hardware-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product identifies a null set of synthetic event containing electronic files in a database of electronic files. A synthetic event, which is a non-executable descriptor of a set of context-related factors, is created. A context-b ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, Richard Hennessy, James R Kraemer: Managing database inquiries. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, November 25, 2014: US08898192

A rules engine assigns a set of appropriateness rules to a particular data collection. The set of appropriateness rules describes an optimum usage for the particular data collection based on a source of the particular data collection and a type of activity that is deemed best suited to utilize the p ...

Erwin Meinders
Maria Peter, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders: Method for forming a multi-level surface on a substrate with areas of different wettability and a semiconductor device having the same. Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast—natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO, Waddey & Patterson P C, James R Cartiglia, November 25, 2014: US08895438

The invention relates to a method 10 for forming a multi-level surface on a substrate 2, wherein said surface comprises areas of different wettability, the method comprising the step (A, B) of applying a multi-level stamp to the substrate for forming the multi-level surface, said multi-level stamp h ...

Chad P Boudreaux, Eugene L Timperman, Leslie M Fugikawa: Laparoscopic tissue thickness and clamp load measuring devices. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 25, 2014: US08893946 (144 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument having opposed jaws that can be selectively moved between open and closed positions. Various embodiments include components for measuring the thickness of tissue clamped between the opposed jaws. Some embodiments are configured to ascertain the amount of compressive force that ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Joseph E Young, Taylor W Aronhalt, Chester O Baxter III: Surgical stapler with floating anvil. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 25, 2014: US08893949 (99 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument can include an anvil and, in addition, a staple cartridge support configured to support a staple cartridge. In various embodiments, the jaw can be moved toward the staple cartridge to deform staples contained within the staple cartridge. The anvil can be configured to be transl ...

Zhiwei Xiong, Feng Wu, Yueyi Zhang, Pengyu Cong: Depth sensing with depth-adaptive illumination. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Judy Yee, Micky Minhas, November 25, 2014: US08896594 (82 worldwide citation)

An adaptive depth sensing system (ADSS) illuminates a scene with a pattern that is constructed based on an analysis of at least one prior-generated depth map. In one implementation, the pattern is a composite pattern that includes two or more component patterns associated with different depth region ...

Kartik Venkataraman, Amandeep S Jabbi, Robert H Mullis: Systems and methods for parallax measurement using camera arrays incorporating 3 x 3 camera configurations. Pelican Imaging Corporation, KPPB, November 25, 2014: US08896719 (80 worldwide citation)

A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager havin ...

Lina Zhu, Sean S Kang, Srinivas D Nemani, Chia Ling Kao: Delicate dry clean. Applied Materials, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, November 25, 2014: US08895449 (58 worldwide citation)

A method of selectively removing fluorocarbon layers from overlying low-k dielectric material is described. These protective plasma treatments (PPT) are delicate alternatives to traditional post-etch treatments (PET). The method includes sequential exposure to (1) a local plasma formed from a silico ...

Ammar Al Ali: Digit gauge for noninvasive optical sensor. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 25, 2014: US08897847 (57 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present disclosure include a digit gauge used to ensure the size of a patient's digit is appropriate for the medical sensor applied thereto.

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