Prabhu Mohapatra
Laxminarayan Bhat, Prabhu Prasad Mohapatra, Kouacou Adiey: Methods of utilizing arylpiperazine derivatives. Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Perkins Coie, Viola T Kung, October 14, 2014: US08859552

The present invention provides arylpiperazine derivatives which can be advantageously used for treating schizophrenia and related psychoses such as acute manic, bipolar disorder, autistic disorder, and depression.

Frederick E Shelton IV, Jeffrey S Swayze: Hydraulically and electrically actuated articulation joints for surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 14, 2014: US08858571 (208 worldwide citation)

Articulation joints for use in connection with a surgical instrument that has a portion that must be passed through a trocar or similar structure and then articulated relative to another portion of the instrument received within the trocar. Various embodiments of the articulation joint include at le ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Gary W Knight: Tissue manipulation devices. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 14, 2014: US08858590 (174 worldwide citation)

Tissue manipulation and retraction devices. In various forms, the manipulation devices include a cannula that is insertable through the abdominal wall. A plurality of independently controllable manipulation members extend through the cannula and are attachable to various forms of surgical tools. The ...

John C Schuckmann, Jeffrey S Swayze, Charles J Scheib: Surgical instruments with lockable articulating end effector. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 14, 2014: US08857693 (173 worldwide citation)

Hand-held surgical instruments that have and end effector attached to an elongate shaft are disclosed. The end effector has at least a portion that is movable in response to opening and closing motions applied thereto by a closure member. An articulation control system is provided to articulate the ...

Chia Hsin Hu, Sun Jay Chang: Structure and method for FinFET integrated with capacitor. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Haynes and Boone, October 14, 2014: US08860148 (159 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure provides one embodiment of a semiconductor structure that includes a semiconductor substrate having a first region and a second region; a shallow trench isolation (STI) feature formed in the semiconductor substrate. The STI feature includes a first portion disposed in the firs ...

Raj Abhyanker: Nextdoor neighborhood social network method, apparatus, and system. Fatdoor, Raj Abhyanker P C, October 14, 2014: US08863245 (143 worldwide citation)

A method and system an online neighborhood social network designed to create private websites to facilitate communication among neighbors and build stronger neighborhoods. The private websites are embodied in a website having a domain name of nextdoor.com. In one embodiment, a method verifies that a ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Chester O Baxter III, Taylor W Aronhalt, Venkataramanan Mandakolathur Vasudevan, Israel Nur, John V Hunt, Geoffrey C Hueil, Gregory J Fanuele: Staple cartridge loading assembly. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 14, 2014: US08857694 (138 worldwide citation)

A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners positioned within the support portion and/or the tissue thickness compensator which can be utilized to fasten tissue. In use, the fastener cart ...

Zhen Ning Low, Charles E Wheatley III, William H Von Novak, Sergio P Estrada: Wireless power distribution among a plurality of receivers. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 14, 2014: US08860364 (138 worldwide citation)

Exemplary embodiments are directed to power distribution among a plurality of receivers. A method may include requesting at least one receiver of a plurality of receivers within a charging region of a transmitter to modify an associated load resistance to achieve a desired power distribution among t ...

Jean Philippe Vasseur, Jonathan W Hui: Dynamic keepalive parameters for reverse path validation in computer networks. Cisco Technology, Edwards Wildman Palmer, James M Behmke, Steven M Jensen, October 14, 2014: US08862774 (105 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a network device determines a path from itself to a source device in a computer network, where the source device utilizes the path in reverse to reach the network device. Based on determining a reliability of the path in reverse, the network device may dynamically adjust one or mo ...

Jacques Duparre: Capturing and processing of images using monolithic camera array with heterogeneous imagers. Pelican Imaging Corporation, KPPB, October 14, 2014: US08861089 (101 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for implementing array cameras configured to perform super-resolution processing to generate higher resolution super-resolved images using a plurality of captured images and lens stack arrays that can be utilized in array cameras are disclosed. Lens stack arrays in accordance wit ...