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A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product defines multiple security-enabled context-based data gravity wells on a security-enabled context-based data gravity wells membrane. Non-contextual data objects are associated with context objects to define synthetic context-base ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A method, computer product, and computer system of minimizing surprisal data comprising: at a source, reading and identifying characteristics of a genetic sequence of an organism; receiving an input of rank of at least two identified characteristics of the genetic sequence of the organism; generatin ...

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Certain embodiments provide a method for trading in an electronic trading environment including receiving market data relating to a plurality of tradeable objects; sending a order to an exchange for the first tradeable object at a quoted price; receiving a fill confirmation for the quoting order at ...

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A microelectronic assembly may include microelectronic devices arranged in a stack and having device contacts exposed at respective front surfaces. Signal conductors having substantial portions extending above the front surface of the respective microelectronic devices connect the device contacts wi ...

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A plurality of logical volumes are stored at a plurality of sites. A command to execute an operation on a logical volume is received. A determination is made as to whether a rule associated with the logical volume permits execution of the operation on the logical volume. In response to determining t ...

Sumit Agarwal
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A method for receiving processed information at a remote device is described. The method includes transmitting from the remote device a verbal request to a first information provider and receiving a digital message from the first information provider in response to the transmitted verbal request. Th ...

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A device may include a determination module for determining at least one of a status indicative of combustible fuel utilization or a status indicative of electricity utilization for propelling a hybrid vehicle; and a transmitter coupled with the determination module for transmitting the at least one ...

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Volume dimensioning employs techniques to reduce multipath reflection or return of illumination, and hence distortion. Volume dimensioning for any given target object includes a sequence of one or more illuminations and respective detections of returned illumination. A sequence typically includes il ...

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There is provided in one embodiment a data collection system including a data collection terminal having an encoded information reader device and a computer spaced apart from the data collection terminal. The data collection terminal in one embodiment can be configured to be responsive to configurat ...

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A surgical instrument with a tissue-clamping end effector, where actuation of the instrument is locked out when the thickness of the tissue clamped in the end effector is not within a specified thickness range. The end effector may comprise a tissue thickness module that senses the thickness of the ...