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Customizing digital media marketing messages using customer behavior data is provided. In one embodiment, patterns of events in customer event data are identified to form customer behavior data. The customer event data comprises metadata describing a customer associated with a retail facility. The c ...

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A microelectronic unit includes a semiconductor element consisting essentially of semiconductor material and having a front surface, a rear surface, a plurality of active semiconductor devices adjacent the front surface, a plurality of conductive pads exposed at the front surface, and an opening ext ...

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A method for making a solid state cathode comprises the following steps: forming an alkali-free first solution comprising at least one transition metal and at least two ligands; spraying this solution onto a substrate that is heated to about 100 to 400° C. to form a first solid film containing the t ...

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A method, computer product and computer system of transmitting a compressed genome of an organism: a computer at a source reading an uncompressed sequence and a reference genome from a repository; the computer comparing nucleotides of the genetic sequence of the organism to nucleotides from a refere ...

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Methods of selective formation leave high quality epitaxial material using a repeated deposition and selective etch process. During the deposition process, an inert carrier gas is provided with a silicon-containing source without hydrogen carrier gas. After depositing silicon-containing material, an ...

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Techniques for sensory enhancement and augmentation are described. Some embodiments provide an audible assistance facilitator system (“AAFS”) configured to provide audible assistance to a user via a hearing device. In one embodiment, the AAFS receives data that represents an utterance of a speaker r ...

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A process for production of a borohydride compound M(BH4)y. The process has three steps. The first step combines a compound of formula (R1O)yM with aluminum, hydrogen and a metallic catalyst containing at least one metal selected from the group consisting of titanium, zirconium, hafnium, niobium, va ...

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A portable encoded information reading (EIR) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system can comprise a terminal module communicatively coupled to a wireless interface module via a wired interface. The terminal module can include a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, and an encoded i ...

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A system and method for authenticating a radio-frequency identification tags based on the features of the modulation features of the RFID signal. Dynamic wavelet fingerprint features are extracted from the signal by applying a wavelet transform to the signal to determine wavelet coefficients at a pl ...