Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Jie Wan, Xiaotian Xu, Shuyu Cao, Jern Khang Tan, Guoxiao Guo, Wei Xi: Disk drive adjusting rotation speed of disk to compensate for blind area when measuring frequency response of servo control system. Western Digital Technologies, July 29, 2014: US08792202 (70 worldwide citation)

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a head and a disk comprising a plurality of servo tracks, wherein each servo track comprises a plurality of servo sectors. The disk drive further comprises control circuitry comprising a servo control system operable to actuate the head over the disk in response ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Belgacem Haba, Piyush Savalia: Microelectronic elements having metallic pads overlying vias. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, July 29, 2014: US08791575 (18 worldwide citation)

A microelectronic unit, an interconnection substrate, and a method of fabricating a microelectronic unit are disclosed. A microelectronic unit can include a semiconductor element having a plurality of active semiconductor devices therein, the semiconductor element having a first opening extending fr ...

Zhimin Yuan, Bo Liu, Boon Hao Low, Tiejun Zhou, Siang Huei Leong, Mingsheng Zhang: Method and data storage device for laser free heat-assisted magnetic recording. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 29, 2014: US08792211 (1 worldwide citation)

A data storage device with a heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) system, a magnetic recording medium, and method for data storage are provided. The data storage device includes a magnetic recording medium, a magnetic recording head, a power supply, a controller and a switching device. The magnet ...

Eb Eshun
Timothy J Dalton, Ebenezer E Eshun, Sarah L Grunow, Zhong Xiang He, Anthony K Stamper: Interconnect structures and design structures for a radiofrequency integrated circuit. International Business Machines Corporation, Wood Herron & Evans, Anthony J Canale, July 29, 2014: US08791545

Interconnect structures that include a passive element, such as a thin film resistor or a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor, methods for fabricating an interconnect structure that includes a passive element, and design structures embodied in a machine readable medium for designing, manufacturing ...

Dr. Elke Erben
Dina Triyoso, Elke Erben, Robert Binder: Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with fluorine passivation. Globalfoundries, Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz P C, July 29, 2014: US08791003

Methods for fabricating integrated circuits are provided. In an embodiment, a method for fabricating an integrated circuit includes providing a semiconductor substrate and forming a gate structure on the semiconductor substrate. The gate includes a high-k dielectric material. In the method, a fluori ...

William H. Gates III
Gary W Flake, William H Gates III, Alexander G Gounares, W Daniel Hillis, Royce A Levien, Robert W Lord, Mark A Malamud, Craig J Mundie, Christopher D Payne, Richard F Rashid, Clarence T Tegreene, Charles Whitmer, Lowell L Wood Jr: Collecting influence information. The Invention Science Fund I, July 29, 2014: US08793155 (1 worldwide citation)

Embodiments include a system, a device, an apparatus, a method, and a computer program product. A method of reporting influence on a person includes collecting data indicative of the person accessing electronic content over a computer network using the user computing device. The method also includes ...

Michael T Benhase, Binny S Gill, Lokesh M Gupta, Matthew J Kalos: Cache management of tracks in a first cache and a second cache for a storage. International Business Machines Corporation, Konrad Raynes Davda & Victor, David W Victor, July 29, 2014: US08793436

Provided a computer program product, system, and method for cache management of tracks in a first cache and a second cache for a storage. The first cache maintains modified and unmodified tracks in the storage subject to Input/Output (I/O) requests. Modified and unmodified tracks are demoted from th ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Modular high-capacity switch. Rockstar Consortium US, Christopher & Weisberg P A, July 29, 2014: US08792516

A modular optical switch includes a set of optical switch modules connected in a mesh, a master controller for the whole optical node and a switch-module controller for each of the optical switch modules. The optical switch modules receive optical signals from, and transmit optical signals to, edge ...

Brett E Swensgard: Continuous stapling instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, July 29, 2014: US08789739 (175 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument can comprise a jaw configured to receive a staple cartridge, a firing member configured to eject staples from the staple cartridge, and a system for supplying a continuous number of staple cartridges to the jaw.

Gerald N Hodgkinson, Richard Stevenson, Jennifer Whiffen: Circular stapler and staple line reinforcement material. Covidien, July 29, 2014: US08789737 (175 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument comprises a staple cartridge assembly having a plurality of rows of staple receiving slots, an anvil assembly having an anvil member defining a plurality of rows of staple forming recesses, the staple cartridge assembly, the anvil assembly, or both, having one or more ...