Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Jie Yu, Guoxiao Guo, Jianguo Zhou, Sanghoon Chu, Young Hoon Kim, Abhishek Dhanda: Disk drive defining non-circular data tracks relative to a rotation axis of the disk. Western Digital Technologies, May 6, 2014: US08717704 (91 worldwide citation)

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk having a plurality of servo tracks defined by servo sectors, and a head actuated over the disk. The disk drive further comprises control circuitry comprising a servo control system operable to position the head over the disk. A disturbance is induced in th ...

Craig Allen
Jason Douglas Herzlinger, Craig Allen Bielek, Jonathan Glenn Reed, Holly Renae Davis, Luis Manuel Herrera, Ariel Caesar Prepena Jacala, William Scott Zemitis: Airfoil shape for turbine bucket and turbine incorporating same. General Electric Company, James W Pemrick, Ernest G Cusick, Frank A Landgraff, May 6, 2014: US08714930 (4 worldwide citation)

A turbine bucket is provided including a bucket airfoil having an airfoil shape, the bucket airfoil having a nominal profile substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z set forth in Table 1 wherein the Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z are non-dimensional value ...

William H. Gates III
Jeffrey A Bowers, Kenneth G Caldeira, Alistair K Chan, William H Gates III, Roderick A Hyde, Muriel Y Ishikawa, Jordin T Kare, John Latham, Nathan P Myhrvold, Stephen H Salter, Clarence T Tegreene, Willard H Wattenburg, Lowell L Wood Jr, Victoria Y H Wood: Water alteration structure and system having below surface valves or wave reflectors. May 6, 2014: US08715496 (3 worldwide citation)

A system for altering water properties in an outdoor body of water includes a holding vessel configured to hold water. The holding vessel has at least one wall extending above a mean surface water level. The system also includes at least one conduit extending downward from the holding vessel. The at ...

Michael T Benhase, Stephen L Blinick, Evangelos S Eleftheriou, Lokesh M Gupta, Robert Haas, Xiao Yu Hu, Matthew J Kalos, Ioannis Koltsidas, Roman A Pletka: Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems. International Business Machines Corporation, Griffiths & Seaton PLLC, May 6, 2014: US08719494

For movement of partial data segments within a computing storage environment having lower and higher levels of cache by a processor, a whole data segment containing one of the partial data segments is promoted to both the lower and higher levels of cache. Requested data of the whole data segment is ...

Brian Thomas
Norman Stark, Maria S Streckenbach, Seth Gilchrist, Thorsten Schwenke, Brian Thomas: Synthetic synovial fluid compositions and methods for making the same. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, May 6, 2014: US08716204

Artificial or synthetic synovial fluids and methods for making such fluids are disclosed. The fluid includes selected proteins, phospholipids and hyaluronic acid and mimics the properties of human synovial fluid.

Colleen P Gannon: Optical reading device with improved gasket. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins Pendleton & Ashe P A, May 6, 2014: US08717494 (237 worldwide citation)

An optical reading device is described having an image sensor having a sensor array of pixels which are exposed to an image; a printed circuit board (PCB) for carrying the image sensor; a lens assembly for focusing light on the sensor array; a lens retainer for retaining the lens; a support assembly ...

N Parker Willis, Axel F Brisken, Mark W Cowan, Michael Pare, Robert Fowler, James Brennan: Optimizing energy transmission in a leadless tissue stimulation system. EBR Systems, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, May 6, 2014: US08718773 (158 worldwide citation)

Method and systems for optimizing acoustic energy transmission in implantable devices are disclosed. Transducer elements transmit acoustic locator signals towards a receiver assembly, and the receiver responds with a location signal. The location signal can reveal information related to the location ...

Stephen Chasko, Michael Demeter: Detecting network intrusion using a decoy cryptographic key. Landis Gyr Innovations, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, May 6, 2014: US08719938 (149 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for detecting intrusion into a data network are disclosed. Such intrusion can be detected, for example, by providing at least two network devices in a data network. Each of the network devices has a decoy cryptographic key that is used to detect unauthorized data and an authentic ...

Changqing Shi, Ming Jiang: System for calibrating an electronic lapping guide for a beveled pole in a magnetic recording transducer. Western Digital, May 6, 2014: US08717709 (128 worldwide citation)

A wafer comprises a transducer having an air-bearing surface (ABS) and including a magnetic structure characterized by a desired thickness, and having a bevel and a flare point a first distance from the ABS. The wafer further comprises a first electronic lapping guide (ELG), a second ELG, and a thir ...

Cheng Hsien Wu, Chih Hsin Ko, Clement Hsingjen Wann: Contact structure of semiconductor device. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Lowe Hauptman & Ham, May 6, 2014: US08716765 (116 worldwide citation)

A contact structure for a semiconductor device includes a substrate comprising a major surface and a cavity. A bottom surface of the cavity is lower than the major surface. The contact structure also includes a strained material in the cavity, and a lattice constant of the strained material is diffe ...