Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Yoichi Kubota, Teck Gyu Kang, Jae M Park: Fine pitch microcontacts and method for forming thereof. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, February 4, 2014: US08641913 (9 worldwide citation)

A method includes applying a final etch-resistant material to an in-process substrate so that the final etch-resistant material at least partially covers first microcontact portions integral with the substrate and projecting upwardly from a surface of the substrate, and etching the surface of the su ...

Elias Nemer
Wilfrid Paul LeBlanc, Elias Nemer: Method and system for modeling external volume changes within an acoustic echo canceller. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, February 4, 2014: US08644522 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided in which a device, such as an acoustic echo canceller, may reduce the residual echo that may be heard at the far end of a conversation when an external speaker volume is changed. The device may compute a gain based on an echo estimate produced by a filter and on a ne ...

Bahman Qawami
Robert Chang, Po Yuan, Xian Jun Liu, Bahman Qawami, Haluk Tanik: File system and method of file access. Sandisk Technologies, Toler Law Group PC, February 4, 2014: US08645438 (1 worldwide citation)

A file system and method of file access are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method is performed at a host device coupled to a non-volatile memory, where the host device includes a memory having a first file data structure. A first directory entry in a file directory of a file system is loca ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Method for the synthesis of omega-amino-alkanoic acids. Arkema France, Smith Gambrell & Russell, February 4, 2014: US08642792 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for the synthesis of amino acids/esters of general formula NH2—(CH2)n—COOR in which n is an integer between 5 and 14, and R is either H or an alkyl radical including from 1 to 4 carbon atoms, from natural long-chain mono-unsaturated fatty acids or esters including a ...

Erwin Meinders
Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Gerwin Hermanus Gelinck: Method of manufacturing a stacked foil sheet device. Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek TNO, Maryellen Feehery Hank, Reed Smith, February 4, 2014: US08640332

The invention relates to a method of aligning a flexible foil sheet having a general first foil sheet length direction to form stacked foil sheet layers on a reel having a reel diameter. The method comprises providing multiple alignment markers in the foil sheet, distanced conform the reel diameter ...

Manoj Gokhale
Manoj Prakash Gokhale, Nilesh Vinayak Deshpande: System and method for operating a turbocharged engine. General Electric Company, Joseph J Christian, February 4, 2014: US08640457 (3 worldwide citation)

A method includes substantially reducing specific fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of an engine by adjusting an exhaust flow from a set of predetermined cylinders among a plurality of cylinders of the engine through an exhaust gas recirculation system to an intake manifold, by adjusting a temp ...

Gabriel Jakobson, Steven Rueben: Method and system for securing online identities. February 4, 2014: US08646103 (353 worldwide citation)

Various methods, systems and apparatus for associating fictitious user identities (e.g. screen names, user names, handles, etc.) used in electronic communications (e.g. over the internet or mobile networks via instant messenger, e-mail, social networks, eCommerce and auction websites, etc.) with rea ...

Ynjiun Paul Wang, Yiwu Ding, Chen Feng: Optical filter for image and barcode scanning. Honeywell International, Additon Higgins Pendleton & Ashe P A, February 4, 2014: US08640960 (262 worldwide citation)

Methods for using an optical indicia reading terminal including a housing, a multiple pixel image sensor disposed within the housing, an imaging lens assembly configured to focus an image of decodable indicia on the image sensor, an optical bandpass filter disposed in an optical path of light incide ...

Reck Lu, Xiaoxun Zhu: Indicia reading terminal including optical filter. Honeywell International, Additon Higgins Pendleton & Ashe P A, February 4, 2014: US08640958 (259 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present invention comprise an indicia reading terminal that is operatively configured to decode visible and non-visible decodable indicia. The terminal can comprise an excitation illumination module for illuminating the decodable indicia with light that has a wavelength selected s ...

Jingquan Li, William H Havens: System and method for measuring irregular objects with a single camera. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins Pendleton & Ashe P A, February 4, 2014: US08643717 (258 worldwide citation)

An optical system for measuring an irregularly shaped object includes a dimensioning station having a base, a first wall extending from the base, and a second wall extending from the base. A collimated light is passed from each of first and second collimated light sources arranged generally parallel ...