Ken Yasui, Eisei Higuchi: Vehicle body front structure. Honda Motor, Rankin Hill & Clark, December 3, 2013: US08596711 (37 worldwide citation)

A vehicle front part structure efficiently absorbs collision energy upon a narrow offset collision in which a collision object, such as an oncoming vehicle, makes a front collision with a vehicle outer side outer than a front side frame, and thereby inhibits the vehicle body front part from moving r ...

Hooman Hafezi, Gregory Moon, Kityee Au Yeung, Robert Duck, Maria Casillas Holen: Pharmaceutical dosages delivery system. Proteus Digital Health, Bozicevic Field & Francis, Bret E Field, December 3, 2013: US08597186 (36 worldwide citation)

Pharmaceutical delivery systems for delivering dosages according to the present invention include a carrier component and a cap configured to seal an internal volume of the carrier component, wherein the cap includes a device that produces a unique current signature. Dosages prepared to be delivered ...

Joseph A Hedrick, Frederick James Monsma Jr, Tatyana Churakova, Diane Hollenbaugh: Anti-PCSK9 and methods for treating lipid and cholesterol disorders. Merck Sharp & Dohme, Sheela Mohan Peterson, December 3, 2013: US08598320 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating disorders of cholesterol and lipid metabolism by administration of an anti-PCSK9 antibody or a peptide inhibitor of PCSK9.

Shuo Yan: System and method for detecting account compromises. Wells Fargo Bank N A, Foley & Lardner, December 3, 2013: US08600872 (36 worldwide citation)

A method of identifying a point of compromise includes accessing data stored in a data storage system, the data being associated with a plurality of identified at-risk accounts, identifying a plurality of common points of transaction, each of the plurality of common points of transaction being assoc ...

Matthew Brezina, Adam Smith, Jeffrey Bonforte: Method and system for collecting and presenting historical communication data for a mobile device. Yahoo, Greenberg Traurig, December 3, 2013: US08600343 (36 worldwide citation)

Among other disclosures, a method may include collecting historical communication data and personal data relating to a portion of a plurality of communications, a sender of one or more of the communications or one or more recipients of the communications. The method may include depositing the collec ...

Michael L Mallary, Bernhard E Knigge, Jih Ping Peng: Systems and methods for reducing condensation along a slider air bearing surface in energy assisted magnetic recording. Western Digital Technologies, December 3, 2013: US08599653 (35 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for reducing condensation along an air bearing surface of a slider in an energy assisted magnetic recording system are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a slider configured to reduce condensation along an air bearing surface in an energy assisted magnetic reco ...

Curtis R Richardson, Alan V Morine: Protective enclosure for electronic device. Otter Products, Bret E Field, Bozicevic Field & Francis, December 3, 2013: US08599547 (35 worldwide citation)

A protective enclosure for an electronic device such as a laptop computer or tablet computer that comprises a shell that is capable of enclosing and substantially surrounding the electronic device. The shell is substantially watertight, substantially rigid and substantially crush-resistant. The insi ...

Tsung Han Tsai, Hsin Hsuan Huang: Optical image capturing system. Largan Precision, CKC & Partners, December 3, 2013: US08599495 (34 worldwide citation)

An optical image capturing system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element, a sixth lens element and a seventh lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive ...

John Ivey: Circuit board mount for LED light tube. iLumisys, Young Basile, December 3, 2013: US08596813 (34 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are embodiments of LED-based lights for replacing a conventional fluorescent light bulb in a fluorescent light fixture and embodiments of a circuit board mount for an LED-based light tube having an elongate housing with at least one circuit board spanning the housing. One embodiment ...

Thomas E Flaherty, Dennis Francis Hart: Digital, small signal and RF microwave coaxial subminiature push-on differential pair system. Corning Gilbert, December 3, 2013: US08597050 (34 worldwide citation)

The differential pair system includes a push-on high frequency differential connector sleeve and push-on high frequency differential connector. The system allows for blind mating of the two components, using a keying system for the two electrical conductors to be axially and radially aligned.