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[en] A tissue thickness compensator 19020 can comprise a compensator body and at least one vessel 19024 contained in the compensator body. The vessel can define an inner cavity which can comprise an inner atmosphere having a pressure which is lower than the atmospheric pressure of the atmosphere sur ...

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[en] Tissue thickness compensators for use with surgical staplers that are configured to form staples having different formed heights. Various tissue thickness compensators are disclosed that have non-uniform cross-sectional thicknesses or profiles. The tissue thickness compensators may be formed wi ...


SCHMID KATHERINE J, MORGAN JEROME R, KORVICK DONNA L, SHELTON IV FREDERICK E: [fr] Compensateur dépaisseur de tissu comprenant des canaux, [de] Gewebedickenausgleicher mit Kanälen, [en] Tissue thickness compensator comprising channels. ETHICON ENDO SURGERY, October 2, 2013: EP2644125-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

[en] A tissue thickness compensator can comprise a tissue contacting surface and a network of channels defined in the tissue contacting surface. In at least one embodiment, the channels can be configured to store at least one medicament therein. In certain embodiments, the channels can define grippi ...

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[en] A hairdryer or hand-held appliance comprises a body 812 having a fluid inlet 820a, 830a for admitting fluid into the appliance, a fluid outlet 820b, a duct 814 lined with a material 140, and a primary fluid flow path 830 extending from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet and through the duct. T ...


COURTNEY STEPHEN BENJAMIN, MOLONEY PATRICK JOSEPH WILLIAM, SHELTON EDWARD, GAMMACK PETER DAVID: [en] Hand held blower with heater. DYSON TECHNOLOGY, October 2, 2013: GB2500800-A (24 worldwide citation)

[en] A hand held appliance such as a hairdryer comprises a body 12, a fluid flow path 20 extending through the body 12 from a first fluid inlet 12a to a first fluid outlet 12b. A further primary fluid flow path 30 extends from a second fluid inlet 30a through to a second fluid outlet 40. A heater 46 ...

SUZUKI TAKANOBU, ASAKURA HIROTAKA, MATSUDA MUNEHISA, TANAKA SATOSHI: [fr] Dispositif dexécution de fonction, [de] Funktionsausführungsvorrichtung, [en] Function executing device. BROTHER, October 2, 2013: EP2645265-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

[en] In a case where a first information including an execution request of a specific function via a first type of interface (22) is received, a function executing device (10) may execute a change process for changing an interface for communicating with a terminal device (50) from the first type of ...