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The invention relates to a chimeric protein comprising at least one clotting factor and at least a portion of an immunoglobulin constant region. The invention relates to a method of treating a hemostatic disorder comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a chimeric protein where ...

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Provided are electrode layers for use in rechargeable batteries, such as lithium ion batteries, and related fabrication techniques. These electrode layers have interconnected hollow nanostructures that contain high capacity electrochemically active materials, such as silicon, tin, and germanium. In ...

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Articles of footwear may have an upper that includes a knit element and a tongue. The knit element defines a portion of an exterior surface and an opposite interior surface of the upper, with the interior surface defining a void for receiving a foot. The tongue is formed of unitary knit construction ...

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A device for measuring an expanded internal orifice of a patient includes an orifice-expanding device, a pressure measuring device, and a size-measuring device. The size-measuring device measures a dimension of the orifice after it has been expanded by the orifice-expanding device.

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Methods, systems and apparatus, including computer program products, for real-time document sharing and editing. In one aspect, a method includes comparing a first user's and a second user's changes to a document, the document being edited by the first user and the second user concurrently; and noti ...

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A power combining and outphasing system and related techniques for simultaneously providing both wide-bandwidth linear amplification and high average efficiency is described. Providing linear amplification encompasses the ability to dynamically control an RF output power level over a wide range whil ...

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A prosthetic implant for treating a diseased aortic valve is described. The prosthetic implant includes a substantially tubular body configured to be positioned in an aorta of a patient, at or near the patient's aortic valve. The body includes a lumen extending through the body from a proximal end t ...

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A system and method for managing the storage of data in non-volatile memory is described. In an aspect, the data may be described by metadata and a transaction log file that are checkpointed from a volatile memory into the non-volatile memory. Actions that take place between the last checkpointing o ...

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Methods, apparatus, and computer program products are provided including a method for displaying a user interface element in a display environment. The method includes receiving a selection of a user interface element to be displayed in a display environment, and selectively displaying the user inte ...

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The system and method described herein may provide advertisements in an integrated voice navigation services environment. In particular, one or more advertisements may be identified based on affinities among a current location associated with a navigation device and shared knowledge and information ...