David (Bin) Deng
肖玉秀, 邓彬: 一种两用激光诱导荧光检测系统. 武汉大学, 温珊姗, 沈林华, 武汉科皓知识产权代理事务所, April 24, 2013: CN201310012461.6


TIMM RICHARD W, SCHEIB CHARLES J, MARCOTTE AMY L, ASHER RYAN M, SCHULTE JOHN B, GEE JACOB S: [fr] Dispositif à ultrasons pour couper et coaguler, [de] Schneid- und Koagulationsultraschallgerät, [en] Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating. ETHICON ENDO SURGERY, April 24, 2013: EP2583633-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

[en] An ultrasonic clamp coagulator assembly configured to permit selective cutting, coagulation and clamping of tissue during surgical procedures. The assembly includes a blade having a first and second tissue contact surface and a clamping mechanism, including a first and second clamp arm pivotall ...

KOSTRZEWSKI STANISLAW: [fr] Agrafeuse chirurgicale, [de] Chirurgische Klammervorrichtung, [en] Surgical stapling apparatus. COVIDIEN, April 24, 2013: EP2583630-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

[en] A surgical stapler (10) includes an anvil assembly (506) and a cartridge assembly (514). The anvil assembly defines staple forming depressions (513). One or both of the anvil assembly and the cartridge assembly are pivotable relative to the other between an open position and a clamped position. ...

BACKHOLM ARI, LUNA MICHAEL: [en] Distributed implementation of dynamic wireless traffic policy. SEVEN NETWORKS, April 24, 2013: GB2495877-A (30 worldwide citation)

[en] Systems and methods for distributed implementation of dynamic wireless traffic policy are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a system for optimizing resources in a mobile network having a local proxy on a mobile device to aggregate client-side parameters and ...


HANSEN PETER S K: [fr] Système découte adapté à la communication en temps réel fournissant des informations spatiales dans un flux audio, [de] Für Echtzeitkommunikation mit räumlicher Informationsbereitstellung in einem Audiostrom angepasstes Hörsystem, [en] A listening system adapted for real-time communication providing spatial information in an audio stream. OTICON, April 24, 2013: EP2584794-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

[en] The application relates to a binaural listening system comprising first and second listening devices adapted for being located at or in left and right ears, respectively, of a user, the binaural listening system being adapted for receiving a wirelessly transmitted signal comprising a target sig ...

BROWN MATTHEW LEE, HOLZHAUSEN FRANZ VON, RAWLINSON PETER DORE, SAMPSON NICHOLAS JOHN, ECKERT MICHAEL JAMES, LEMIRE DAVID, VOLLMER AXEL BORIS: [fr] Porte de véhicule articulée double et procédé de commande associé, [de] Fahrzeugtür mit doppeltem Scharnier und Verfahren zur Steuerung davon, [en] Dual hinged vehicle door and method of controlling same. TESLA MOTORS, April 24, 2013: EP2583848-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

[en] A dual hinged door assembly for a vehicle is provided, the assembly including an upper door portion that pivots about a primary axis formed by its juncture with a structural member in the roof, and a lower door portion that pivots about a secondary axis formed by its juncture with the upper doo ...


KENNEA ROBIN CHARLES, HOWARTH NICHOLAS: [fr] Tuyère à section variable pour un moteur de turbine à gaz, [de] Düse mit veränderlichem Querschnitt für ein Gasturbinentriebwerk, [en] Variable area nozzle for gas turbine engine. Rolls-Royce, April 24, 2013: EP2584184-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

[en] A variable area nozzle (200) for a gas turbine engine is provided that has a circumferential outer boundary (100), which may be formed at least in part by the nacelle of a turbofan engine, that has a fixed portion (110) and a movable portion (120). The movable portion is movable by an actuator ...