Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
SKIBA MOHAMED, BOUNOURE FREDERIC, MALLET ERIC: [fr] Composition pharmaceutique pour ladministration par voie nasale de la metopimazine, [de] Pharmazeutische Zusammensetzung zur nasalen Verabreichung von Metopimazine, [en] Pharmaceutical composition for nasal administration of metopimazine. SKIBA MOHAMED, April 17, 2013: EP2581085-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] Composition comprises metopimazine or its salt, optionally a cyclodextrin and one or more excipients, where the composition is in the form of aqueous solution or powder. ACTIVITY : Antiemetic Gastrointestinal-Gen. Antiinflammatory Antidiarrheic. MECHANISM OF ACTION : None given.

RAJAKARUNANAYAKE YASANTHA, BENNETT JAMES: [fr] Appartenances et applications de dispositifs de réseau social, [de] Soziale Netzwerkvorrichtungsmitgliedschaften und -anwendungen, [en] Social network device memberships and applications. Broadcom, April 17, 2013: EP2582116-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

[en] A social device including capabilities for participating in a social network group via a social infrastructure. Various functions and resources of the social device are accessible by members of the social network group. Likewise, the social device may be configured to access services and other ...

HANSON RONALD, BERNIEN HANNES, MARKHAM MATTHEW LEE, TWITCHEN DANIEL JAMES: [en] A solid state component device for achieving multi-photon interference between quantum registers with nuclear and electron spin state coupling. ELEMENT SIX, April 17, 2013: GB2495632-A (28 worldwide citation)

[en] A device for achieving multi-photon interference comprising solid state photon emitters, each solid state photon emitter comprising nuclear and electron spin states coupled together and being configured to produce a photon emission peak, wherein the photon emission peaks from different emitters ...

DU JIANJUN: [en] LED lamp tube. SHENZHEN YYC LED LIGHTING, April 17, 2013: GB2495647-A (20 worldwide citation)

[en] An LED lamp tube (10) comprises a support substrate (11), a plurality of LEDs (110), a lamp base (13), a power supply (15), a lamp cover (17) and end covers (18). The LEDs (110) are arranged on the support substrate (11). The lamp base (13) is used for fixing the support substrate (11), and has ...

MAGNENAT THIERRY: [fr] Bracelet ou collier à éléments interchangeables, [de] Armband oder Halsband mit austauschbaren Elementen, [en] Bracelet or necklace with interchangeable elements. MAGNENAT THIERRY, April 17, 2013: EP2581856-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

[en] The bracelet/necklace (1) has a main element (2) including a signaling device and a connection with secondary elements (3). The main element includes a detection device to detect a configuration of the secondary elements by using an electric interface combined with a common mechanical interface ...

LEUMANN CHRISTIAN, GARCIA LUIS, VOIT THOMAS: [fr] ADN tricyclo-phosphorothioate, [de] Tricyclo-phosphorothioat-DNA, [en] Tricyclo-phosphorothioate DNA. ASS INST DE MYOLOGIE, UNIV BERN, UNIV PARIS CURIE, INST NAT SANTE RECH MED, Centre Nat Rech Scient, April 17, 2013: EP2581448-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

[en] The present invention relates to a nucleic acid molecule containing a sequence of tricyclo nucleosides joined by internucleoside phosphorothioate linkage. The invention also relates to synthetic antisense oligonucleotides and to methods employing the same.

SMITH KEVIN: [fr] Appareil de séparation cyclonique pour aspirateur, [de] Zyklonische Trennvorrichtung für einen Staubsauger, [en] Cyclonic separation apparatus for a vacuum cleaner. Black & Decker, April 17, 2013: EP2581013-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

[en] A cyclonic separation apparatus (208) for a vacuum cleaner, the cyclonic separation apparatus comprising: a first cyclonic separating unit comprising a hollow cylindrical dirt container (320) with a central axis (321) and an air inlet port (326) arranged tangentially to the dirt container and a ...

ROLT ANDREW: [fr] Système de propulsion réparti et procédé de commande, [de] Verteiltes Antriebssystem und Steuerungsverfahren, [en] A distributed propulsion system and method of control. Rolls-Royce, April 17, 2013: EP2581308-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

[en] This invention relates to a method and apparatus for controlling power distribution in an electrical aircraft propulsive system having at least one electrical propulsion unit (12) which includes a plurality of rotatable blades (14), each blade having an adjustable pitch a pitch adjusting mechan ...


ABDELSAMIE AHMED, MEUNIER MARC ELIS, BOUCHER ANTOINE, JIANG DANQING DIANE, CHAN JEFF CHI SHING: [fr] Procédés et appareil pour contrôler les accessoires, [de] Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Steuern von Zubehör, [en] METHODS AND APPARATUS TO CONTROL ACCESSORIES. Research In Motion, April 17, 2013: EP2582160-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

[en] Methods and apparatus to control accessories are disclosed. An example method includes establishing a first close-proximity communication connection via a first protocol by providing connection information via a second close-proximity communication connection via a second protocol, obtaining co ...