Private Ugochukwu Njoku
Daniel F Casper, Mark P Bendyk, John R Flanagan, Catherine C Huang, Matthew J Kalos, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Dale F Riedy, Gustav E Sittmann, Harry M Yudenfriend: Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, John Campbell, March 5, 2013: US08392619 (1 worldwide citation)

Systems, methods and computer program products for providing indirect data addressing at an I/O subsystem of an I/O processing system. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing instructions for execution by the processing circuit for ...

Sandeep Tyagi Sandeep Tyagi
Parnasree Maiti, Sonia Oberoi, Roopali Rai, Vaidyanath Ramakrishnan, Sandeep Tyagi: Polycarbonate nanocomposites. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, Richard M Klein, Fay Sharpe, March 5, 2013: US08389626

Polycarbonate nanocomposites comprising a polycarbonate matrix having non-oxidized metal nanoparticles dispersed therein are disclosed. The polycarbonate nanocomposite is produced by a process comprising forming a reaction mixture comprising a dihydroxy compound, an activated carbonate, a metal prec ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Joanna Lynn Fueyo, Robert Lee Angell, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Differential diagnosis of neuropsychiatric conditions. International Business Machines Corporation, Shimokaji & Assoc PC, March 5, 2013: US08388529 (3 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating neuropsychiatric diagnoses. Quantitative information describing diagnostic characteristics associated with a patient is generated based on an analysis of a set of patient scans. The quantitative information compris ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas Duane Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, Zhong Xiang He, Robert Mark Rassel: MIM capacitor and method of making same. International Business Machines Corporation, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, Yuanmin Cai, March 5, 2013: US08390038

A MIM capacitor device and method of making the device. The device includes an upper plate comprising one or more electrically conductive layers, a dielectric block comprising one or more dielectric layers, a lower plate comprising one or more electrically conductive layer; and a spreader plate comp ...

Tarran Jones
Tarran Jones, David G Williams: Humanized anti-CD22 antibodies and their use in treatment of oncology, transplantation and autoimmune disease. Aeres Biomedical, Jones Day, March 5, 2013: US08389688

The present invention provides chimeric and humanized versions of anti-CD22 mouse monoclonal antibody, HB22.7. The anti-CD22 antibodies of the invention comprise four human or humanized framework regions of the immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (“VH”) and four human or humanized framework r ...

Roger DiPaolo
Nathan K Weiner, Patrick J Odoy, Eric Schultz, Mark Jones, James T Overbeck, Herman DeWeerd, David A Stura, Albert K Bukys, Tim J Woolaver, Thomas P Regan, David Bradbury, Eric E McKenzie, Roger DiPaolo, Christopher Miles, Joel M Katz, Oleinik Ovod Ksenia: System and method for scanning of probe arrays. Affymetrix, Affymetrix, March 5, 2013: US08391582 (7 worldwide citation)

An embodiment of a scanning system is described including optical elements that direct an excitation beam at a probe array, detectors that receive reflected intensity data responsive to the excitation beam, where the reflected intensity data is responsive to a focusing distance between an optical el ...

George Plesko: Molded elastomeric flexural elements for use in a laser scanning assemblies and scanners, and methods of manufacturing, tuning and adjusting the same. Metrologic Instruments, Summa Additon & Ashe P A, March 5, 2013: US08390909 (214 worldwide citation)

A laser scanning assembly includes a coil support element having a central axis about which is wound an electromagnetic wire coil and having a flange oriented generally transverse to the central axis. An elastomeric flexural element has a first end coupled to the flange. A permanent magnet has first ...

Massi Joe E Kiani, Marcelo M Lamego, Cristiano Dalvi, Hung The Vo: Magnetic connector. Cercacor Laboratories, Law Office of Glenn R Smith, March 5, 2013: US08388353 (134 worldwide citation)

A magnetic connector has a receptacle and a plug. The receptacle has an electromagnet comprising an inner core, an outer core, a coil disposed around the inner core and an air gap defined by the edges of the inner and outer cores. The plug has a plug core and an anchor defined by the plug core edge. ...

Jing Booth, Rebekah A Wilson: Selectively enabling a host transfer interrupt. Western Digital Technologies, March 5, 2013: US08392635 (122 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems and methods for reducing the number of interrupts on a controller for a non-volatile storage device to improve data transfer performance of the storage system. The embodiments described herein selectively enable an interrupt generated by host tran ...

Mark Anthony Kunes: Waveguide comprised of various flexible inner dielectric regions. Astrium, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, March 5, 2013: US08390402 (122 worldwide citation)

A waveguide is provided that includes an elongate dielectric inner region, and an electrically conducting outer region spaced apart from the dielectric inner region. The dielectric inner region may be arranged to be flexible, and in some examples may be formed from powdered dielectric contained in a ...