Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Brady Duga, John Rivlin, Vincent Le Chevalier, Garth Conboy: System for and method of displaying non-rectangular images in electronic content on a reader device. Hunton & Williams, February 26, 2013: US08385659 (1 worldwide citation)

A system for and method of displaying non-rectangular images in electronic content on an electronic device in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include identifying, using a template identification computing apparatus, an image shape template associated with a non-rectangular image that is pa ...

Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred Charles Thomas III, Bryce Carl Wemple, Charles Shilling, Allen O Buckner: Interface adapter systems and methods. Hewlett Packard Development Company, Michael Czarnecki, February 26, 2013: US08386689

Interface adapter systems and methods are provided. An adapter means can be provided for coupling a first interface to a second interface, the second interface configured to accommodate the coupling of a peripheral device. A detector means can be provided for detecting the peripheral device. A means ...


Dwight L Franz: Bar code symbol reading system employing EAS-enabling faceplate bezel. Metrologic Instruments, Summa Additon & Ashe P A, February 26, 2013: US08381979 (219 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for incorporating primary components of an EAS system into hand-supportable and countertop-supportable bar code symbol reading systems having a housing with a light transmission window covered by an optically transparent faceplate having outer dimensions closely matched to ...

Yufeng Hu, Ut Tran: Method and system for providing a magnetic recording transducer having a planarized near-field transducer and a sloped pole. Western Digital, February 26, 2013: US08385158 (156 worldwide citation)

A method and system for fabricating an energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) transducer is described. The EAMR transducer has an air-bearing surface (ABS) and a waveguide. The method includes providing a planarized near field transducer (NFT) for the waveguide and forming a sloped surface on the ...

Kevin Zhu: Phone usage pattern as credit card fraud detection trigger. Sprint Communications Company, February 26, 2013: US08386386 (147 worldwide citation)

A credit card fraud reduction system is disclosed. The system comprises a computer system and an application. The application, when executed on the computer system, applies increased credit card fraud prevention procedures to use of an electronic credit card application in a mobile electronic device ...

Eric J Champion, Francis H Liu, Adam F Torabi: Method and system for performing EAMR recording at high density using a large thermal spot size. Western Digital Technologies, February 26, 2013: US08385157 (139 worldwide citation)

A method and system for writing data to a media utilizing an energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) head are described. The EAMR head includes at least one laser and at least one EAMR transducer. The laser(s) provide energy. The EAMR transducer(s) are coupled with the laser. The EAMR transducer(s ...

Chando Park, Qunwen Leng, Mahendra Pakala: Method for providing a magnetic recording transducer. Western Digital, February 26, 2013: US08381391 (139 worldwide citation)

A method for providing a magnetic recording transducer is described. The method includes providing a pinned layer for a magnetic element. In one aspect, a portion of a tunneling barrier layer for the magnetic element is provided. The magnetic recording transducer annealed is after the portion of the ...

James A Proctor Jr, James A Proctor III: Exchanging identifiers between wireless communication to determine further information to be exchanged or further services to be provided. Proxicom Wireless, Cesari and McKenna, February 26, 2013: US08385896 (137 worldwide citation)

A server exchanges information between one or more wireless devices to complete a transaction. The server receives second device identifier information from a first wireless device using a wide area network. The second device identifier information was previously provided to the first wireless devic ...

Ammar Al Ali, Mohamed Diab, Walter M Weber: Physiological parameter tracking system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 26, 2013: US08385995 (134 worldwide citation)

A physiological parameter tracking system has a reference parameter calculator configured to provide a reference parameter responsive to a physiological signal input. A physiological measurement output is a physiological parameter derived from the physiological signal input during a favorable condit ...