Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Brady Duga, John Rivlin, Vincent Le Chevalier, Garth Conboy: System for and method of displaying non-rectangular images in electronic content on a reader device. Hunton & Williams, February 26, 2013: US08385659 (1 worldwide citation)

A system for and method of displaying non-rectangular images in electronic content on an electronic device in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include identifying, using a template identification computing apparatus, an image shape template associated with a non-rectangular image that is pa ...

Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred Charles Thomas III, Bryce Carl Wemple, Charles Shilling, Allen O Buckner: Interface adapter systems and methods. Hewlett Packard Development Company, Michael Czarnecki, February 26, 2013: US08386689

Interface adapter systems and methods are provided. An adapter means can be provided for coupling a first interface to a second interface, the second interface configured to accommodate the coupling of a peripheral device. A detector means can be provided for detecting the peripheral device. A means ...


Dwight L Franz: Bar code symbol reading system employing EAS-enabling faceplate bezel. Metrologic Instruments, Summa Additon & Ashe P A, February 26, 2013: US08381979 (266 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for incorporating primary components of an EAS system into hand-supportable and countertop-supportable bar code symbol reading systems having a housing with a light transmission window covered by an optically transparent faceplate having outer dimensions closely matched to ...

Yufeng Hu, Ut Tran: Method and system for providing a magnetic recording transducer having a planarized near-field transducer and a sloped pole. Western Digital, February 26, 2013: US08385158 (160 worldwide citation)

A method and system for fabricating an energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) transducer is described. The EAMR transducer has an air-bearing surface (ABS) and a waveguide. The method includes providing a planarized near field transducer (NFT) for the waveguide and forming a sloped surface on the ...

Kevin Zhu: Phone usage pattern as credit card fraud detection trigger. Sprint Communications Company, February 26, 2013: US08386386 (157 worldwide citation)

A credit card fraud reduction system is disclosed. The system comprises a computer system and an application. The application, when executed on the computer system, applies increased credit card fraud prevention procedures to use of an electronic credit card application in a mobile electronic device ...

Wei Huang, Gregory Poilasne, Vaneet Pathak: High gain metamaterial antenna device. Tyco Electronics Services, February 26, 2013: US08384600 (157 worldwide citation)

An antenna is presented having a flared structure wherein charge is induced from one portion of the structure to another. The flared structure may be a V-shaped or other shaped element. The antenna includes at least one parasitic element to increase the gain of the antenna and extend the radiation p ...

Mark Lancaster: Real-time power line rating. Southwire Company, Merchant & Gould, February 26, 2013: US08386198 (153 worldwide citation)

Real-time power line rating may be provided. First, sensor data may be received corresponding to a conductor of a power line. The sensor data may provide real-time weather conditions for the conductor's environment. The sensor data may be received from a sensor device configured to collect the senso ...

Ammar Al Ali, Mohamed Diab, Walter M Weber: Physiological parameter tracking system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 26, 2013: US08385995 (153 worldwide citation)

A physiological parameter tracking system has a reference parameter calculator configured to provide a reference parameter responsive to a physiological signal input. A physiological measurement output is a physiological parameter derived from the physiological signal input during a favorable condit ...

Robert Smith, David Dalke, Ammar Al Ali, Mohamed Diab, Marcelo Lamego: Multiple wavelength sensor emitters. Cercacor Laboratories, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 26, 2013: US08385996 (150 worldwide citation)

A physiological sensor is adapted to removably attach an emitter assembly and a detector assembly to a fingertip. The emitter assembly is adapted to transmit optical radiation having multiple wavelengths into fingertip tissue. The detector assembly is adapted to receive the optical radiation after a ...