James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A computer implemented method, system and/or computer program product identify an appropriate resource for a user. A user profile is created for a user. A request, from the user, is received for a requested resource. Based on the user profile, a user-specific scope of the request, which defines a ty ...

Matthias Bauer
Matthias Bauer, Shawn G Thomas: Cyclical epitaxial deposition and etch. ASM America, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 5, 2013: US08367528 (78 worldwide citation)

Methods for selectively depositing high quality epitaxial material include introducing pulses of a silicon-source containing vapor while maintaining a continuous etchant flow. Epitaxial material is deposited on areas of a substrate, such as source and drain recesses. Between pulses, the etchant flow ...

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Example embodiments herein relate to a method of fabricating a semiconductor device. The method may include forming a liner insulating layer on a surface of a gate pattern to have a first thickness. Subsequently, a gap fill layer may be formed on the liner insulating layer by flowable chemical vapor ...


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A surgical staple including a crown comprised of a dissolvable, bioabsorbable, or biofragmentable material, a first deformable member, and a second member. In at least one embodiment, the crown connects the first member and the second member, however, after the crown has been dissolved, the first me ...

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An exemplary surgical apparatus may include a surgical staple deformable from a first configuration to a second, deployed configuration, where the surgical staple includes a first leg and a second leg; where in the second, deployed configuration the surgical staple forms substantially a D-shape. Ano ...

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A hand-supportable digital image capture and processing system supporting a multi-tier modular software, and plug-in extendable, architecture. The digital image capture and processing system can be realized as an image-capturing cell phone, a digital camera, a video camera, mobile computing terminal ...

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A flexible cannulated drive shaft having a plurality of interlocking sections having multi-angled dovetails cut into the drive shaft. Each dovetail design is made up of substantially triangular-shaped pins and substantially triangular-shaped sockets that alternate around the circumference of each in ...

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Systems and methods for managing and providing content and services on a network system. Aspects of the invention include location-based determination of network content and services that may be provided to client computers. Other aspects of the invention include authorization and authentication com ...

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A monitor device and associated methodology are disclosed which provide a self contained, relatively small and continuously wearable package for the monitoring of heart related parameters, including ECG. The detection of heart related parameters is predicated on the location of inequipotential signa ...