Serge Le Gonidec
Serge Le Gonidec: Method and a device for calculating a starting or stop sequence for an engine. Snecma, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Lebovici, January 29, 2013: US08364374 (1 worldwide citation)

The method serves to calculate a start sequence or a stop sequence for an engine, said sequence comprising a plurality of cues at which predetermined actions should be performed in the control of said engine. The method comprises: a step of obtaining at least one thermodynamic condition of said engi ...

Hani Badawi
Weiguo Liu, Morris S Young, M Hani Badawi: Low etch pit density (EPD) semi-insulating III-V wafers. AXT, Alston & Bird, January 29, 2013: US08361225

Systems and methods of manufacturing wafers are disclosed using a low EPD crystal growth process and a wafer annealing process are provided resulting in III-V/GaAs wafers that provide higher device yields from the wafer. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of manufacturing a ...


Longzhi Jiang
Tesfaye Kebede Kidane, Timothy John Havens, Longzhi Jiang, Mark Haig Khachaturian, Zhenyu Zhang: System and method for modeling gradient coil operation induced magnetic field drift. General Electric Company, Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group SC, January 29, 2013: US08362773

A system and method for modeling gradient coil operation induced magnetic field drift include a computer programmed to acquire a pulse sequence to be applied during an MR scan and determine a power spectrum of a plurality of gradient pulses of the pulse sequence. The computer is also programmed to c ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Joshua Uth: Surgical cutting and stapling instrument with self adjusting anvil. Ethicon Endo Surgery, January 29, 2013: US08360297 (258 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for being endoscopically or laparoscopically inserted into a surgical site for simultaneous stapling and severing of tissue includes an elongate channel that is configured to operably support a staple cartridge therein. An anvil is coupled to the elongate channel and is configu ...

Aron O Zingman: Surgical stapling head assembly with firing lockout for a surgical stapler. Ethicon Endo Surgery, January 29, 2013: US08360296 (236 worldwide citation)

In various embodiments, a surgical stapling head is provided that may comprise a staple cartridge for supporting one or more staples, a core movable relative to the staple cartridge, at least one staple driver extending from the core, and a casing configured to at least partially hold the staple car ...

Michael A Zemlok, Adam J Ross, Russell Pribanic: Surgical stapling apparatus. Covidien, January 29, 2013: US08360299 (211 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling apparatus having a housing with an actuator and an elongated member extending from the housing. An end effector is disposed on one end of the elongated member. The end effector houses a plurality of fasteners that are operatively coupled to a plurality of pusher members. An actua ...

David Farascioni, John W Beardsley: Surgical instrument and loading unit for use therewith. Covidien, January 29, 2013: US08360298 (195 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument is disclosed. The surgical instrument includes a handle assembly having a movable handle; an endoscopic portion extending distally from the handle and defining a longitudinal axis; a pair of jaw members; and a drive assembly. The jaw members are disposed adjacent a distal end o ...

Joel E Short, Florence C I Pagan, Josh J Goldstein: Systems and methods for providing content and services on a network system. Nomadix, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 29, 2013: US08364806 (155 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for managing and providing content and services on a network system. Aspects of the invention include location-based determination of network content and services that may be provided to client computers. Other aspects of the invention include authorization and authentication com ...

Manoj Kumar Vijayan, Deepak Raghunath Attarde, Srikant Viswanathan: Content aligned block-based deduplication. CommVault Systems, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 29, 2013: US08364652 (155 worldwide citation)

A content alignment system according to certain embodiments aligns a sliding window at the beginning of a data segment. The content alignment system performs a block alignment function on the data within the sliding window. A deduplication block is established if the output of the block alignment fu ...