David Mosley
Joseph M Jacobson, David W Mosley, Kie Moon Sung: Preparation of nanoparticle chains comprising reacting of functional groups. Massachusetts Institue of Technology, Norma E Henderson, January 22, 2013: US08357424 (1 worldwide citation)

Fabrication and arrangement of nanoparticles into one-dimensional linear chains is achieved by successive chemical reactions, each reaction adding one or more nanoparticles by building onto exposed, unprotected linker functionalities. Optionally, protecting groups may be used to control and organize ...

Mark Chen
Yinong Liu, Sheng Bing Chen: Antenna matching structure, antenna matching method and wireless communication terminal. Sony Mobile Communications, Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, January 22, 2013: US08359077

The present invention relates to an antenna matching structure, an antenna matching method and a wireless communication terminal. In which, the antenna matching structure comprising: a measuring unit configured to measure a RSSI value; a control unit configured to generate a first switching control ...

Michael P Whitman, John E Burbank, David A Zeichner: Electro-mechanical surgical device. Covidien, January 22, 2013: US08357144 (211 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical surgical device includes: a housing; an elongated shaft extending from the housing, a distal end of the elongated shaft being detachably coupleable to a surgical instrument; at least two axially rotatable drive shafts disposed within the elongated shaft, a distal end of each of ...

Mohamed K Diab, Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, Ibrahim M Elfadel, Rex J McCarthy, Walter M Weber, Robert A Smith: Signal processing apparatus. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 22, 2013: US08359080 (148 worldwide citation)

The present invention involves a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals, including the determination of a measurement of oxygen saturation and respiration rate in the measured signals during a calculation of a physiological parameter of a monitored patient. Use of this invention is d ...

Lijie Zhao, Wei Zhang, Hongping Yuan: Method for lifting off photoresist beneath an overlayer. Western Digital, January 22, 2013: US08357244 (140 worldwide citation)

A method of removing photoresist beneath an overlayer includes estimating a rapid temperature change for a photoresist layer to produce cracking in the overlayer. The temperature chance is estimated so that the cracking of the overlayer is sufficient to allow a liftoff solution to penetrate below th ...

Jesse Wagner Lindeman, Thomas Edward Wagner: Management of mobile applications. Mobile Iron, Van Pelt Yi & James, January 22, 2013: US08359016 (136 worldwide citation)

In particular implementations, a mobile device management system allows network administrators to control the distribution and publication of applications to mobile device users in an enterprise network.

Tamir Scherzer, Shimon Scherzer: Dynamically created and expanded wireless network. Wefi, Nixon Peabody, David F Crosby, January 22, 2013: US08358638 (132 worldwide citation)

A system and method for the establishment and maintenance of wireless network, such as wireless network enabling access to the World Wide Web. The network can be created by its users as part of social network activity. The users are using automated resources discovery, verification and mapping as a ...

Zhi Zhou, Juan Manuel de Bedout, John Michael Kern, Emrah Biyik, Ramu Sharat Chandra: Energy optimization system. General Electric Company, Nitin Joshi, January 22, 2013: US08359124 (127 worldwide citation)

A system for optimizing customer utility usage in a utility network of customer sites, each having one or more utility devices, where customer site is communicated between each of the customer sites and an optimization server having software for optimizing customer utility usage over one or more net ...

Timothy A Ferris, John R Agness: Self-heating integrated circuit. Western Digital Technologies, January 22, 2013: US08358145 (106 worldwide citation)

Self-heating integrated circuits are provided. In one embodiment, a self-heating integrated circuit comprises a drive circuit configured to drive a device and a controller configured to selectively operate the drive circuit in a first mode or a second mode. In the first mode, the controller is confi ...

Timothy A Ferris, Mingying Gu: Output capacitor current as feedback to control a hysteretic voltage regulator. Western Digital Technologies, January 22, 2013: US08358114 (103 worldwide citation)

A hysteretic voltage regulator is disclosed comprising an inductor having a first end and a second end, wherein the second end is connected to an output capacitor in shunt with a load. A switch connects the first end of the inductor to a supply voltage when an output voltage across the load falls be ...