Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Wael Zohni, Richard Dewitt Crisp, Ilyas Mohammed: Multiple die face-down stacking for two or more die. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, December 25, 2012: US08338963 (44 worldwide citation)

A microelectronic assembly is disclosed that comprises a substrate having first and second openings, a first microelectronic element and a second microelectronic element in a face-down position. The first element has an active surface facing the front surface of the substrate and bond pads aligned w ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Guillaume Le, Jean Laurent Pradel, Samuel Devisme, Thomas Roussel, Jean Luc Dubois: Polyolefin derived from renewable resources, and method for producing same. Arkema France, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, December 25, 2012: US08338549

The invention relates to a polymer obtained by polymerizing olefins having 6 to 9 carbon atoms and partially derived from renewable resources. In particular, the polymer according to the invention can be derived from vegetable oil or animal fat. The invention also relates to the method for producing ...

yuan xing Lee
Zongwang Li, Yuan Xing Lee, Richard Leo Galbraith, Ivana Djurdjevic, Travis Roger Oenning: Techniques for correcting errors using iterative decoding. HGST Netherlands, Steven J Cahill, December 25, 2012: US08341506 (3 worldwide citation)

Techniques are provided for iteratively decoding data recorded on a data storage device. An iterative decoder decodes the data using multiple decoding iterations to correct errors. In multiple iterations of the iterative decoder, a post processing block generates soft information, and a decoder appl ...

William H. Gates III
Henricus Johannes Maria Meijer, William H Gates III, Lili Cheng, Daniel S Glasser, Ira L Snyder Jr, Melora Zaner Godsey: Access management in an off-premise environment. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, December 25, 2012: US08341405 (1 worldwide citation)

A system that can assist users to manage a personal active directory for all of their information maintained within a cloud-based environment is provided. The identity of a client that accesses data is monitored and recorded in a log. In turn, this information can be made available to the owner of t ...


Jerome P Moisand, Jean Marc Frailong, Krishna Narayanaswamy, Oren Melamud, Paul J Kirner: Streamlined packet forwarding using dynamic filters for routing and security in a shared forwarding plane. Juniper Networks, Shumaker & Sieffert P A, December 25, 2012: US08339959 (230 worldwide citation)

A network router includes a plurality of interfaces configured to send and receive packets, and a routing component comprising: (i) a routing engine that includes a control unit that executes a routing protocol to maintain routing information specifying routes through a network, and (ii) a forwardin ...

Lee Ann Olson, Ralph Stearns: Staple drive assembly. Covidien, December 25, 2012: US08336753 (188 worldwide citation)

A staple drive assembly includes an actuation sled and at least one staple pusher. The staple drive assembly is adapted to fit within a staple cartridge having a plurality of staples and a corresponding number of retention slots. The at least one staple pusher includes at least one pusher plate for ...

Sathish Kumar Gnanasekaran, Shashank R Tadisina, Subramanian Lakshmanan: Defining an optimal topology for a group of logical switches. Brocade Communications Systems, Wong Cabello Lutsch Rutherford & Brucculeri, December 25, 2012: US08339994 (178 worldwide citation)

A Layer 2 network switch fabric is partitionable into a plurality of virtual fabrics. A network switch chassis is partitionable into a plurality of logical switches, each of which may be associated with one of the virtual fabrics, including a base switch. Logical switches in multiple network switch ...

William B Boyle, Alan T Meyer, Mei Man L Syu: Hybrid drive garbage collecting a non-volatile semiconductor memory by migrating valid data to a disk. Western Digital Technologies, December 25, 2012: US08341339 (149 worldwide citation)

A hybrid drive is disclosed comprising a non-volatile semiconductor memory (NVSM) comprising a plurality of blocks, and a head actuated over a disk comprising a plurality of tracks, each track comprising a plurality of data sectors. A garbage collection operation is executed on the NVSM by reading v ...

Kenneth M Cappola, Paul Scirica, Patrick Mozdzierz, Frank Marini: Locking articulation mechanism for surgical stapler. Covidien, December 25, 2012: US08336754 (142 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler is provided and comprises a handle assembly, an elongated body, an articulable tool assembly, and an articulation mechanism. The articulation mechanism has: a main shaft member connected to an articulation linkage; a retainer having an opening for receiving a shaft portion of the ...