Erwin Meinders
Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Peter Theodorus Maria Giesen: Scanned writing of an exposure pattern on a substrate having a spot size modulator and dual motor for moving the substrate table and a laser spot relative to each other. Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO, Dorsey & Whitney, November 27, 2012: US08319174

An exposure pattern is written on a substrate, by scanning a light spot along a trajectory over the substrate and switching it on and off according to a desired pattern. Respective spot sizes of the light for illuminating the substrate in respective parts of the trajectory according to a geometry of ...

Peter A. Bouchard
Jeffrey Phillips, David Allen, Brett Serkez, Peter Bouchard: Method and apparatus for managing information related to storage activities of data storage systems. EMC Corporation, Dergosits & Noah, Todd A Noah, November 27, 2012: US08321378

Methods and apparatus for managing information related to backup storage activities of data storage systems. In a computer system having one or more independent backup data storage systems coupled to each other and each serving one or more clients, a user may obtain information related to backup act ...


Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Neal D Domel, Cole W Schemm: Exhaust plume heat effect reducing method and apparatus. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Reising Ethington P C, John J Snyder, November 27, 2012: US08316631 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for reducing heating effects of an exhaust plume of a jet engine on an impinged surface includes fluid injectors disposed adjacent and aimed into an exhaust plume zone that's to be occupied by an exhaust plume when the engine is running. A flow generator transmits fluid flow into such a ...


Chris Blackburn
Jeff Allen, Christopher W Blackburn, Matthew J Ward, Larry Pacey: Event-based scheduling of wagering game events. WMS Gaming, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, November 27, 2012: US08317596

Wagering game systems and methods are disclosed in which the occurrence of a triggering event causes a community game to begin. Further, the occurrence of an event may cause a wagering game or wagering game service such as a progressive game to be reconfigured.

Joseph C Hueil, Jeffrey S Swayze, Frederick E Shelton IV: Surgical stapling devices that produce formed staples having different lengths. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 27, 2012: US08317070 (279 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device that comprises an end effector. According to various embodiments, the end effector comprises a circular anvil having a staple forming surface and a plurality of staples facing the staple forming surface of the anvil. The end effector also comprises a staple driver assembly ...

Anatoly Kotlarsky, Xiaoxun Zhu, Michael Veksland, Ka Man Au, Patrick Giordano, Weizhen Yan, Jie Ren, Taylor Smith, Michael V Miraglia, C Harry Knowles, Sudhin Mandal, Shawn De Foney, Christopher Allen, David M Wilz Sr: Optical scanning system having an extended programming mode and method of unlocking restricted extended classes of features and functionalities embodied therewithin. Metrologic Instruments, Thomas J Perkowski Esq P C, November 27, 2012: US08317105 (241 worldwide citation)

A method of unlocking restricted extended classes of features and functionalities embodied within an optical scanning system having an extended programming mode. The method involves providing an optical scanning system supporting baseline classes of features and functionalities, and having an extend ...

Mark Ortiz, Frederick Shelton IV, Joseph Hueil, Jeffrey Swayze: Electroactive polymer-based articulation mechanism for circular stapler. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 27, 2012: US08317074 (198 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are provided for actuating and/or articulating a circular stapler. In one exemplary embodiment, a circular stapler is provided having an elongate shaft with a stapling apparatus coupled thereto. An electrically expandable and contractible actuator, such as an electroactive polyme ...

Bryan D Knodel: Endocutter with auto-feed buttress. Cardica, November 27, 2012: US08317071 (195 worldwide citation)

Surgical apparatus may include a staple holder and a buttress positioned on the upper surface of the staple holder, where the staple holder is configured to fire multiple sets of staples, and where the buttress is advanceable between firings such that the staple holder is configured to deploy multip ...