Somakumar R
Adnan Kutubuddin Bohori, Ajith Kuttannair Kumar, Bret Dwayne Worden, James William Bray, Somakumar Ramachandrapanicker, Arvind Kumar Tiwari, Suma Memana Narayana Bhat: Power transfer system and method. General Electric Company, Ann M Agosti, October 23, 2012: US08292052 (22 worldwide citation)

A contactless power transfer system for a mobile asset is presented. The system includes a primary loop disposed adjacent to a location that is coupled to a power source. A secondary receiving coil is disposed on the mobile asset and coupled to a traction motor for receiving power from the primary l ...

Katherina Babich
Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina E Babich, Sean D Burns, Allen H Gabor, Scott D Halle, Arpan P Mahorowala, Dirk Pfeiffer: Process of making a lithographic structure using antireflective materials. International Business Machines Corporation, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, Daniel P Morris Esq, October 23, 2012: US08293454 (2 worldwide citation)

A lithographic structure comprising: an organic antireflective material disposed on a substrate; and a silicon antireflective material disposed on the organic antireflective material. The silicon antireflective material comprises a crosslinked polymer with a SiOx backbone, a chromophore, and a trans ...

Steven Jobs
Rainer Brodersen, Rachel Clare Goldeen, Jeffrey Ma, Mihnea Calin Pacurariu, Thomas Michael Madden, Eric Taylor Seymour, Steven Jobs: Content abstraction presentation along a multidimensional path. Apple, Fish & Richardson P C, October 23, 2012: US08296677 (8 worldwide citation)

Content abstractions are emerged in to an ingress terminus of a multidimensional path and depth transitioned through the multidimensional path to an egress terminus. The content abstractions are eliminated at the egress terminus.

Moody Hadi
Muhammed Hadi, Ketan Patel: Weather derivative volatility surface estimation. Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Banner & Witcoff, October 23, 2012: US08296210

Systems and methods are provided for determining the volatility of weather derivative option contracts. Volatility levels are initially determined with conventional methods. Unreliable volatility levels are then replaced with futures contracts volatility levels. If the futures contracts volatility l ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, John N Ouwerkerk, Jerome R Morgan, Jeffrey S Swayze: Motor-driven surgical cutting and fastening instrument with tactile position feedback. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 23, 2012: US08292155 (284 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting and fastening instrument is disclosed. According to various embodiments, the instrument includes an end effector comprising an elongate channel, a clamping member pivotably connected to the channel, and a moveable cutting instrument for traversing the channel to cut an object clam ...

Michael P Whitman: Bipolar or ultrasonic surgical device. Tyco Healthcare Group, October 23, 2012: US08292888 (281 worldwide citation)

An electro-mechanical surgical device, system and/or method may include a housing, at least two opposing jaw, and at least one electrical contact associated with at least one of the jaws. The electrical contact may include at least one of a bipolar electrical contact and an ultrasonic electrical con ...

George A Plesko: Scan element for use in scanning light and method of making the same. Metrologic Instruments, Thomas J Perkowski Esq P C, October 23, 2012: US08294969 (259 worldwide citation)

A scan element includes a bobbin having a central axis about which is wound an electromagnetic wire coil and having a flange oriented generally transverse to the central axis. At least one elastomeric support has a first end coupled to the flange. A permanent magnet has first and second surfaces, a ...

Frank J Viola: Tool assembly for surgical stapling device. Tyco Healthcare Group, October 23, 2012: US08292151 (213 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure describes a surgical device with a body portion defining a longitudinal axis, a tool assembly including an anvil, a cartridge assembly housing a plurality of staples, a dynamic clamping member movable relative to the tool assembly to eject the staples, and an articulation and ...

Kevin W Smith, Thomas O Bales Jr, Derek Dee Deville, Carlos Rivera, Matthew A Palmer: Electrical surgical instrument with optimized power supply and drive. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Mayback & Hoffman P A, Gregory L Mayback, Rebecca A Tie, October 23, 2012: US08292157 (193 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument includes a surgical end effector operable to effect a surgical procedure when powered, an electric motor operationally connected to the end effector, and a power supply electrically connected to and selectively powering the motor to operate the end effector, the power supply ha ...

Robert F Gazdzinski: Computerized information presentation apparatus. Gazdzinski & Associates PC, October 23, 2012: US08296146 (151 worldwide citation)

A computerized information system and computer readable apparatus. In one embodiment, the apparatus is configured for use in a transport apparatus and comprises a computer readable medium having at least one computer program disposed thereon, the at least one program being configured to provide the ...