Somakumar R
Bohori Adnan Kutubuddin, Ramachandrapanicker Somakumar, Bhat Suma Memana Narayana: Systems for contactless power transfer. General Electric Company, zhang jinjin zhu haiyu, September 12, 2012: CN201110344994

The invention relates to systems for contactless power transfer. A system (10) includes a first coil (14) mechanically coupled to a first component and electrically coupled to a power source (12). The system (10) further includes a second coil (16) mechanically coupled to a second component (18) and ...

HODGKINSON GERALD, CARTER SALLY: [fr] Fixation de renfort dinstrument chirurgical, [de] Versteifungsaufsatz für ein chirurgisches Instrument, [en] Surgical instrument buttress attachment. TYCO HEALTHCARE, September 12, 2012: EP2497431-A1 (174 worldwide citation)

[en] A surgical stapler instrument has surgical stapler jaws, at least one staple line reinforcement material, and a fastener including a hook and a loop. The hook can be disposed on one of the surgical stapler jaws and the loop can be disposed on the staple line reinforcement material. Alternativel ...

LANDPHAIR DONALD K, GREEN LAWRENCE D: [fr] Appareil de distribution de produit et procédé de contrôle, [de] Produktverteilungsvorrichtung und Verfahren zur Steuerung, [en] Product distribution apparatus and method of controlling. DEERE & CO, September 12, 2012: EP2497348-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

[en] A product distribution apparatus (10) and a method of controlling of a product distribution apparatus (10) is described. The apparatus (10) uses map (60) based information to disengage the control for a dynamic down force (F D ) for certain designated areas (64, 66) of the field. These areas (6 ...

BIDDULPH CHRISTOPHER JOHN, BAGNELL JONATHAN MARK: [fr] Rotor de moteur rotatif, [de] Drehmotorläufer, [en] Rotary Engine Rotor. UAV ENGINES, September 12, 2012: EP2497902-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

[en] A rotary engine rotor (10) comprises a body (12) comprising an outer surface (18), an inner surface (22), an insert (14) and a fixing member (16). The outer surface (18) comprises three rotor sides (20) arranged in an equilateral triangle shape. The inner surface (22) comprises a location porti ...

SCHULZ HEIKE, ROEHN DANIEL: [fr] Dispositif de poussée pour lintroduction axiale dun corps flexible en forme de tronçon, [de] Schubvorrichtung zum axialen Einschieben eines strangförmigen, flexiblen Körpers, [en] Push device for axial insertion of a string-shaped, flexible body. ECP ENTWICKLUNGSGES MBH, September 12, 2012: EP2497521-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

[en] The pusher comprises a holding unit (19), and a string-shaped element (10) arranged stationary relative to a lock (2), on a predetermined path. The string-shaped element is coupled to the lock by direct mechanical coupling or through a central screw thread, bayonet catch, adhesive, magnetic dev ...

CHARLES GORDON ALEXANDER, MOISEEV MAXIM, SIMON JONATHAN: [fr] Procédés et système permettant deffacer les données stockées dans une mémoire non volatile dans des applications à basse consommation, [de] Verfahren und System zum Löschen von Daten in nichtflüchtigem Speicher in Anwendungen mit niedrigem Stromverbrauch, [en] Methods and system for erasing data stored in nonvolatile memory in low power applications. LINEAR TECHN, September 12, 2012: EP2498259-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

[en] The erasing of data stored in a nonvolatile memory is performed using multiple partial erase operations. Each partial erase operation has a time duration that is shorter than the minimum time duration of an erase operation that is needed to reliably erase the data stored in the storage location ...


[en] A surface mount clip includes: a bottom portion having a flat surface clip spring portions which extend from parts of the bottom portion and are provided in a standing manner, in a pair facing each other so as to form a gap therebetween, and which are configured to clip a plate material inserte ...


LIM TAE GYU, LEE CHUL GU, LEE KYOUNG HO, KANG DONG HOON: [fr] Appareil pour extraire du jus, [de] Vorrichtung zum Extrahieren von Saft, [en] Apparatus for extracting juice. TONGYANG, September 12, 2012: EP2497393-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

[en] A juice extracting apparatus, which can improve juice extracting efficiency without increasing a number of revolutions of a driving means, is disclosed. A juice extracting apparatus, which can easily clean components including an extracting net unit (120), while minimizing sludge stuck in or st ...

RIESCHICK GARY, DUNNE CAMERON ROSS, MCNAMEE ALAN, HOGAN JOE: [fr] Procédés, systèmes et dispositifs pour la détection et la prévention de programmes malveillants dans un réseau, [de] Verfahren, Systeme und Vorrichtungen zur Erkennung und Vermeidung von Schadprogrammen in einem Netzwerk, [en] Methods, systems and devices for the detection and prevention of malware within a network. OPENET TELECOM, September 12, 2012: EP2498442-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

[en] Methods, systems and devices examine data flows in a communication system control network for known malware threats and suspicious properties typically associated with malware threats. A policy management system inside the control network accesses a user repository and a charging network, and p ...

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