Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Brent N McCallum, Stewart A Jenkins, David M Wells: System for Global Flow Field Management Using Distributed, Surface-Embedded, Nano-Scale Boundary Layer Actuation. Lockheed Martin Corporation, September 6, 2012: US20120222768-A1

Systems to provide distributed flow control actuation to manage the behavior of a global flow field, are provided. An example of a system can include an aerodynamic structure having an outer surface, and an array of a plurality of nano-scale effectors connected to the outer surface of the aerodynami ...

Martin S Silverman, Lance Pritikin: Hearing aid dehumidifier and disinfectant chamber. Mb Research & Development, September 6, 2012: US20120222966-A1

A hearing aid dehumidifier and disinfectant chamber. The chamber comprises an enclosure, including a vapor permeable wall, adapted to removably enclose a hearing aid. In vapor transmitting relationship with the vapor permeable wall is an electrochemical ozone generator, which is designed to draw wat ...

Peter Mayr, Paul R Cooke, Trevor Fielding, Ronald L Goodwin, Gregory Paulson, James Robinson, Anthony Violleau: Bisphenol A and Aromatic Glycidyl Ether-Free Coatings. Valspar Sourcing, September 6, 2012: US20120222984-A1

Disclosed are Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol F, Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE), and Bisphenol F diglycidyl ether (BFDGE)-free coating compositions for metal substrates including an under-coat composition containing a polyester (co)polymer, and an under-coat cross-linker; and an over-coat composi ...

David C SHERIDAN, Andrew P RITENOUR: Vertical junction field effect transistors having sloped sidewalls and methods of making. Ss Sc Ip, September 6, 2012: US20120223340-A1

Semiconductor devices and methods of making the devices are described. The devices can be junction field-effect transistors (JFETs). The devices have raised regions with sloped sidewalls which taper inward. The sidewalls can form an angle of 5° or more from vertical to the substrate surface. The dev ...

Chester O Baxter III, James J Bedi: Surgical stapler with apparatus for adjusting staple height. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 6, 2012: US20120223123-A1

A surgical stapling instrument including a staple sled which can be advanced and/or retracted relative to first and second jaw members, wherein the staple sled can be configured to deploy staples from a staple cartridge in one of the first and second jaw members. In at least one embodiment, the othe ...

Takashi OHTA: Display panel apparatus and manufacturing method of display panel apparatus. Panasonic Corporation, September 6, 2012: US20120223873-A1

A display panel apparatus includes a substrate and an organic electro-luminescence unit that includes an array. The array is above the substrate and includes a red, a green, and a blue pixel. A glass layer is above the organic electro-luminescence unit. A resin layer is between the glass layer and t ...

Mohammad Shafiqul Kabir: Integrated Circuits Having Interconnects and Heat Dissipators Based on Nanostructures. Smoltek, September 6, 2012: US20120224327-A1

The present invention provides for nanostructures grown on a conducting or insulating substrate, and a method of making the same. The nanostructures grown according to the claimed method are suitable for interconnects and/or as heat dissipators in electronic devices.

Takashi Suzuki, Zhijun Cai, James Earl Womack: Method and system for dynamic ack/nack repetition for robust downlink mac pdu transmission in lte. Research In Motion, September 6, 2012: US20120224532-A1

A method and apparatus for dynamic acknowledgement repetition for a downlink medium access control packet data unit transmission ‘MAC PDU’ requiring multiple acknowledgements, the method having the steps of: receiving the downlink MAC PDU requiring multiple acknowledgements; and utilizing a differen ...

Erran Kagan, Frederick Slota, Wei Wang, Joseph Spanier: System and method for simultaneous communication on modbus and dnp 3.0 over ethernet for electronic power meter. Electro Industries Gauge Tech, September 6, 2012: US20120224575-A1

A system and method is provided for simultaneous communications on Modbus and DNP 3.0 over Ethernet for an electronic power meter. The system incorporates one or more protocol wrappers to provide compatibility with both Modbus and DNP based applications. The system removes the appropriate wrappers a ...

Jun ABE, Tatsuo Matsudo, Chishio Koshimizu: Temperature measuring apparatus and temperature measuring method. Tokyo Electron, September 6, 2012: US20120224603-A1

A temperature measuring apparatus includes a light source, a first splitter, a second splitter, a reference beam reflector, an optical path length adjuster, a reference beam transmitting member, a first to an nth measuring beam transmitting member and a photodetector. The temperature measuring appar ...