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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for detecting behavioral deviations in members of a cohort group. In one embodiment, a member of a cohort group is identified. Each member of the cohort group shares a common characteristic. Respiratory metadata associated wi ...

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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating receptivity cohorts. A receptivity cohort is identified. The receptivity cohort includes a set of members and conduct attributes for the set of members. Each conduct attribute in the set of conduct attributes descr ...

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Systems include one or more storage containers. A container may include one or more segments of a first ultra efficient insulation material shaped to define at least one substantially temperature-stabilized storage region, and an access region, including at least one region of the one or more segmen ...

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Disclosed are a method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for determining the value of a derivative product over nonconsecutive periods. The derivative product may be an interest rate swap product, which, when exchanged traded, normally is valued on a mark-to-market basis over consecutive peri ...

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A rotary cutting system for use with a surgical stapling device. The rotary cutting system generally includes a knife blade and a mainspring for imparting rotary motion to the circular knife blade. A hammer member is provided and is configured and adapted to engage the knife blade.

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