Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Thiagarajan Chinniah, Jansen Bernd, Rajendran Santhosh Kumar, Rm Vauhini, Tadros Safwat E: Siloxane block copolymer nanoporous foams, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, bian xinqin, May 30, 2012: CN201080039271

Disclosed herein is a foam that includes a polysiloxane block copolymer; the polysiloxane block copolymer including a first block that comprises a polysiloxane block and a second block that includes an organic polymer; the second block not containing a polysiloxane; the polysiloxane block being abou ...

SCIRICA PAUL A: Surgical instrument having a plastic surface, Chirurgisches Instrument mit Kunststoffoberfläche, Instrument chirurgical doté dune surface en plastique. TYCO HEALTHCARE, May 30, 2012: EP2457519-A1 (185 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument (500) including a handle portion (510), a body portion (512), a movable handle, a tool assembly (17), a drive beam and a closure apparatus (800') is disclosed. At least one of the closure apparatus and a contact surface of the tool assembly include a plastic surface. The body p ...


WYSSBROD BAPTIST: Device for positioning a bridge on a bearing plate, Vorrichtung zum Positionieren einer Brückenschaltung auf einer Platine, Dispositif de positionnement dun pont sur une platine. ETA MFT HORLOGERE SUISSE, May 30, 2012: EP2458454-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un dispositif de positionnement (1) entre un pont (2) et une platine (3). Ladite platine (3) comporte, pour le centrage dudit pont (2), une implantation femelle de centrage (4) comportant des facettes (5) selon une section polygonale orthogonalement à une direction d'introductio ...

SUGARMAN RICHARD: [en] Replication of state data of processing tasks from an active entity to a backup entity. METASWITCH NETWORKS, May 30, 2012: GB2485866-A (20 worldwide citation)

[en] An active entity executes a number of processing tasks. Each task persists for a finite time period. A backup entity is configured to take over processing from the active entity if the active entity fails. When a trigger indicates that the state of the tasks on the active entity should be repli ...

OEZDEN SINASI: An antenna system for a hearing aid, Antennensystem für ein Hörgerät, Système dantenne pour aide auditive. GN RESOUND, May 30, 2012: EP2458674-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

An antenna system, such as a hearing aid, is provided, comprising a transceiver for wireless data communication interconnected with an antenna for emission and reception of an electromagnetic field, wherein the antenna comprises a first section having a length being between at least one sixteenth wa ...

HINDSON BENJAMIN JOSEPH, SAXONOV SERGE, BELGRADER PHILIP, NESS KEVIN DEAN, LUCERO MICHAEL, COLSTON JR BILLY WAYNE: [en] DNA copy number and Chromosome aneuploidy detection by amplification wherein the ligated products are partitioned into oil droplets prior to amplification. BIO RAD LABORATORIES, May 30, 2012: GB2485850-A (18 worldwide citation)

[en] Methods to determine nucleic acid copy numbers within a genetic material, such as chromosome number for the detection of foetal genetic or chromosomal diseases such as trisomy or tetraploidy in Downâ s syndrome, trisomy 8, Kleinfelterâ s syndrome, Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome or XXX syndrom ...

HUGHES GREGORY FRANCIS, FLEIZACH CHRISTOPHER BRIAN, SEYMOUR ERIC TAYLOR, HUDSON REGINALD DEAN: Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for accessibility using a touch-sensitive surface, Vorrichtungen, Verfahren und grafische Benutzeroberflächen für den Zugriff über eine berührungsempfindliche Oberfläche, Dispositifs, procédés et interfaces dutilisateur graphique pour laccès à laide dune surface tactile. Apple, May 30, 2012: EP2458493-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

A method is performed by an accessible electronic device (100) with a display and a touch-sensitive surface (112). The method includes: displaying a plurality of user interface elements on the display (340), wherein a current focus is on a first user interface element (144) detecting a first finger ...