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An improved circuit breaker having an improved shield apparatus provides protection to components that are internal to the circuit breaker during an arc event. A contact arm carrier assembly of the circuit breaker comprises a number of springs that bias a number of movable contacts that are disposed ...

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A system and associated methods are provided for smart hedging in an electronic trading environment. According to one example method, a first order for a first tradeable object and a second order for a second tradeable object are placed based on a spread strategy. Upon receiving an indication that a ...

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The various methods and devices described herein relate to devices which, in at least certain embodiments, may include at least one mechanical switch for user to select a user profile interface setting and at least one processor for causing the device to respond to the mechanical switch. The mechani ...

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A method and apparatus for making a foam-in-place cushion in which a foam-forming composition is dispensed between two plastic film portions in a predetermined fashion to selectively control the distribution of the foam in the cushion. A foam dispenser can be moved in a transverse direction as foam ...

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Systems and methods provide three-dimensional transformations on graphical images. The transformations may vary in accordance with various wagering game functions.

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A method for playing wagering games at which players are eligible for a progressive game includes, responsive to receiving wager inputs from players, conducting wagering games in which players are eligible to win a progressive game. The method includes funding the progressive game by a portion of th ...

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A surgical stapling device having an approximation mechanism for treating hollow tissue organs is provided. The stapling device includes a handle, a body portion extending distally from the handle, a distal head portion at a distal end of the body portion, and an approximation mechanism. The head po ...

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A method and an apparatus measure blood oxygenation in a subject. A light source is activated to cause a first emission at a first wavelength and a second emission at a second wavelength. A detector detects a composite signal indicative of an attenuation of the first and second wavelengths by tissue ...

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A drug administration controller has a sensor that generates a sensor signal to a physiological measurement device, which measures a physiological parameter in response. A control output responsive to the physiological parameter or a metric derived from the physiological parameter causes a drug admi ...

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An access network discovery and selection (ANDSF) module includes a first transceiver that receives an service continuity signal from a service centralization and continuity application server (SCC AS). A first control module generates a preference and policy information signal based on the service ...