Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, Robert M Rassel, Anthony K Stamper: Method of forming mim capacitor structure in feol. International Business Machines Corporation, May 17, 2012: US20120122293-A1

A capacitor structure includes a semiconductor substrate; a first capacitor plate positioned on the semiconductor substrate, the first capacitor plate including a polysilicon structure having a surrounding spacer; a silicide layer formed in a first portion of an upper surface of the first capacitor ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Microelectronic package with terminals on dielectric mass. Tessera, May 17, 2012: US20120119380-A1

A package for a microelectronic element, such as a semiconductor chip, has a dielectric mass overlying the package substrate and microelectronic element and has top terminals exposed at the top surface of the dielectric mass. Traces extending along edge surfaces of the dielectric mass desirably conn ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Conductive pads defined by embedded traces. Tessera Research, May 17, 2012: US20120119367-A1

An assembly and method of making same are provided. The assembly can include a first component including a dielectric region having an exposed surface, a conductive pad at the surface defined by a conductive element having at least a portion extending in an oscillating or spiral path along the surfa ...

Fred Thomas
Paul Boerger, Fred Charles Thomas: Server migration method. May 17, 2012: US20120124168-A1

A method of migrating a legacy server to a new server over a high-speed connection is provided. Programs to effect the migration over the high-speed connection include programs operating to configure the new server as a disk drive to receive file and settings transfer before configuration of the new ...

Longzhi Jiang
Longzhi Jiang, Robert Belinski, Robbi McDonald: Apparatus and method for providing electric cables within a magnetic resonance imaging system. May 17, 2012: US20120118630-A1

An apparatus and method for mounting cables within a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system are provided. One apparatus includes a cable assembly having a rigid support structure defining a channel with a cross-section and an electrical cable having a cross-section smaller than the cross-section of ...

Zoran Iskrenovic: Wind Turbine Utilizing Wind Directing Slats. May 17, 2012: US20120121398-A1

Various embodiments of a wind turbine are disclosed having a support structure with a rotor disposed about the support structure and having first and second scoops. Each of the scoops can have medial and lateral openings, and the medial opening can include a plurality of apertures that remain open d ...

Jean François ZAGURY: Peptides for active anti-cytokine immunization. Vaxconsulting, May 17, 2012: US20120121627-A1

Peptide of a size comprised between 5 and 40 amino acids, originating from a cytokine, in which at least one of its amino acids comprises at least one of its atoms separated by a distance d of less than 5 angströms from an atom of the receptor corresponding to said cytokine, the spacing d being eval ...

Benjamin Eithan REUBINOFF, Martin Federick Pera, Tamir Ben Hur: Neural progenitor cells derived from embryonic stem cells. ES Cell International, May 17, 2012: US20120122109-A1

The present invention relates to undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells, methods of cultivation and propagation and production of differentiated cells. In particular it relates to the production of human ES cells capable of yielding somatic differentiated cells in vitro, as well as committed pr ...

Barbara E Patterson: Method and System Using Universal ID and Biometrics. May 17, 2012: US20120123944-A1

A universal ID and biometrics systems and methods are disclosed. A method includes receiving an authentication request message originating from a user. The authentication request message includes a first identifier and a second identifier, where the second identifier includes biometric data. The met ...

Ulla Bonas, Jens Boch, Sebastian Schornack, Thomas Lahaye: Modular dna-binding domains and methods of use. May 17, 2012: US20120122205-A1

The present invention refers to methods for selectively recognizing a base pair in a DNA sequence by a polypeptide, to modified polypeptides which specifically recognize one or more base pairs in a DNA sequence and, to DNA which is modified so that it can be specifically recognized by a polypeptide ...