Private Ugochukwu Njoku
Harry M Yudenfriend, Daniel F Casper, John R Flanagan, Matthew J Kalos, Dale F Riedy, Louis W Ricci, Roger G Hathorn, Gustav E Sittmann, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Catherine C Huang, Scott M Carlson: Cancel instruction and command for determining the state of an I/O operation. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, Steven Chiu, April 24, 2012: US08166206

The state of an input/output (I/O) operation is determined in an I/O processing system. A command is received from an I/O operating system at a channel subsystem for initiating the I/O operation, a time period is for completion of the I/O operation, and the command for initiating the I/O operation i ...

Ana Londergan
Ana R Londergan, Bangalore R Natarajan, Evgeni Gousev, James Randolph Webster, David Heald: MEMS cavity-coating layers and methods. Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 24, 2012: US08164815 (4 worldwide citation)

Devices, methods, and systems comprising a MEMS device, for example, an interferometric modulator, that comprises a cavity in which a layer coats multiple surfaces. The layer is conformal or non-conformal. In some embodiments, the layer is formed by atomic layer deposition (ALD). Preferably, the lay ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen McEldowney, Mark Richard Mitchell: Tab, tooling for the manufacture of the tab and method of manufacturing the tab. Stolle Machinery Company, Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, Grant E Coffield, April 24, 2012: US08161787

The invention generally relates to a tab used to open food can ends and beer/beverage can ends. The tab has a nose portion located at a front end of the tab and a lift portion located at a back end of the tab. The tab also has a rivet receiving portion located proximate to the nose portion with a ri ...

Karen Buechler
Alan W Weimer, Steven M George, Karen J Buechler, Joseph A Spencer II, Jarod McCormick: Methods for preoducing coated phosphors and host material particles using atomic layer deposition methods. Gary C Cohn PLLC, April 24, 2012: US08163336 (2 worldwide citation)

Layers of a passivating material and/or containing luminescent centers are deposited on phosphor particles or particles that contain a host material that is capable of capturing an excitation energy and transferring it to a luminescent center or layer. The layers are formed in an ALD process. The AL ...


Frederick E Shelton IV, David C Yates: Accessing data stored in a memory of a surgical instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, April 24, 2012: US08161977 (304 worldwide citation)

A process and system are disclosed for downloading sensor data, stored in a memory device of a surgical cutting and fastening instrument, to an external or remote computer device. The process may involve storing data from one or more sensors of a surgical cutting and fastening instrument in a memory ...

Dominick L Mastri, Frank J Viola, Thomas W Alesi Jr, Robert J Geiste, Jon Wilson: Surgical stapler. Tyco Healthcare Group, April 24, 2012: US08162197 (206 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is described herein that can be used to fire different types and sizes of disposable loading units. In a preferred embodiment, the device applies parallel rows of surgical fasteners to body tissue and concomitantly forms an incision between the rows of staples during an endoscopic ...

Cary A Bettenhausen, Todd E Bettenhausen, Thomas A Deal: Universal surgical fastener sterilization caddy. ContainMed, April 24, 2012: US08162138 (202 worldwide citation)

A universal surgical screw caddy. An enclosure includes a cover secured to a frame. A flexible sheet is located between an affixed to the cover and frame. A plurality of holes formed in the cover allow the surgical screws to be inserted into the caddy past a plurality of movable portions of the flex ...

Jean Gagnon, Philippe Roy, Paul J Lagassey: Speech interface system and method for control and interaction with applications on a computing system. Great Northern Research, Steven M Hoffberg, Ostrolenk Faber, April 24, 2012: US08165886 (173 worldwide citation)

A speech processing system which exploits statistical modeling and formal logic to receive and process speech input, which may represent data to be received, such as dictation, or commands to be processed by an operating system, application or process. A command dictionary and dynamic grammars are u ...

Matthew R Gibbons, Kroum S Stoev, Yugang Wang, Adam F Torabi, Lijie Guan: Method and system for providing a write pole in an energy assisted magnetic recording disk drive. Western Digital, April 24, 2012: US08164855 (161 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing an energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) transducer coupled with a laser are described. The EAMR transducer has an air-bearing surface (ABS) residing in proximity to a media during use. The method and system include providing waveguide(s), a near-field transduce ...