Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Chris Helbling, Gaurav D Mehta, Michael R Oliver, Guillermo Ortiz, Okeno Palmer, Dahai Ren, Diego S Rozensztejn, Atul Thaper: Visual voicemail provisioning and notification. Verizon Patent and Licensing, April 10, 2012: US08155627 (10 worldwide citation)

A device receives, from a user device, a request to use a visual voicemail (VVM) application, directs the user device to a self provisioning server based on the request, and receives, from the self provisioning server, a selected VVM subscription plan and information associated with a user of the us ...

Ravi Laxman
Ziyun Wang, Chongying Xu, Ravi K Laxman, Thomas H Baum, Bryan C Hendrix, Jeffrey F Roeder: Composition and method for low temperature deposition of silicon-containing films such as films including silicon, silicon nitride, silicon dioxide and/or silicon-oxynitride. Advanced Technology Materials, Hultquist PLLC, Mary B Grant, Margaret Chappuis, April 10, 2012: US08153833

Silicon precursors for forming silicon-containing films in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, such as low dielectric constant (k) thin films, high k gate silicates, low temperature silicon epitaxial films, and films containing silicon nitride (Si3N4), siliconoxynitride (SiOxNy) and/or silicon ...

Robert Senzig
Bruno Kristiaan Bernard De Man, Abdelaziz Ikhlef, Jiang Hsieh, Jeffrey Alan Kautzer, Robert F Senzig, Paavana Sainath, Xiaoye Wu, Jed Douglas Pack: Asymmetric de-populated detector for computed tomography and method of making same. General Electric Company, Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group SC, April 10, 2012: US08155265

A computed tomography (CT) detector array includes a central region substantially symmetric about a central axis thereof and includes a first plurality of x-ray detector cells configured to acquire CT data from a first number of detector rows during a scan, wherein the central axis is in a channel d ...

Bahman Qawami
Fabrice Jogand Coulomb, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Shargi, Carlos J Gonzalez: Portable mass storage device with virtual machine activation. SanDisk Technologies, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, April 10, 2012: US08156255

A portable mass storage device is used to store large files such as digital pictures, movies and music. The mass storage device has firmware with security mechanisms that limit access to read write operations to ensure reliable operation of the device to prevent unwanted copying or storing of secure ...

Bahman Qawami
Oktay Rasizade, Bahman Qawami, Fabrice Jogand Coulomb, Robert C Chang, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Method for managing keys and/or rights objects. SanDisk Technologies, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, April 10, 2012: US08156563

One or more rights objects (RO) files may be used for storing RO's preferably in the protected area available only to authenticated users. A RO navigation file is stored preferably in an unprotected public area containing status bits, where each status bit identifies whether a location in a RO file ...

yuan xing Lee
George Mathew, Yuan Xing Lee, Hongwei Song, Jefferson E Singleton: Systems and methods for adaptive CBD estimation in a storage device. LSI Corporation, Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha, April 10, 2012: US08154818 (17 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for adaptive channel bit density estimation. For example, various embodiments of the present invention provide methods for adaptively estimating channel bit density. Such methods include providing a storage medium (178) that in ...

Matthew J Kalos, Robert A Kubo, Michael P Vageline: Apparatus and method to configure, format, and test, a data storage subsystem product. International Business Machines Corporation, Dale F Regelman, Quarles & Brady, April 10, 2012: US08156380 (3 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are disclosed to configure, format, and test, a data storage subsystem product. The method supplies a data storage subsystem product comprising one or more host computer ports, a processor, one or more data storage device ports, and one or more data storage devices interconne ...


Stanislaw Kostrzewski: Varying tissue compression aided by elastic members. Tyco Healthcare Group, April 10, 2012: US08152041 (307 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure relates to surgical fastener applying apparatus, and the application of variable compression to tissue. More specifically, the presently disclosed surgical fastener applying apparatus including a first jaw having proximal and distal ends and including an anvil member, the anvi ...

Steven M Casagrande, David A Kummer: Methods and apparatus for presenting substitute content in an audio/video stream using text data. EchoStar Technologies L L C, Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz P C, April 10, 2012: US08156520 (166 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of apparatus and/or methods are described for skipping, filtering and/or replacing content from an audio/video stream using text data associated with the audio/video stream. The text data is processed using location information that references a segment of the text data of the fi ...