Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Hair brush with retractable bristles. Wik Far East, dong huishi, April 4, 2012: CN201110259003

The invention relates to a hair brush with retractable bristles, which comprises an outer pipe body and a bristle seat having bristles and capable of rotating inside the outer pipe body. The outer pipe body comprises openings which the bristles can pass through. An operation mechanism is also includ ...

VITARIS RONALD F, CORLEY KEVIN M: Wound dressing with advanced fluid handling, Wundverband mit verbessertem Flüssigkeitstransport, Pansement avec gestion avancée des fluides. TYCO HEALTHCARE, April 4, 2012: EP2436348-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

A wound dressing for managing wound fluids includes a porous contact layer for positioning adjacent a wound. An internal open window extends through the contact layer exposing a distal side of an absorbent member. The absorbent member is disposed in a superimposed relation to the window of the conta ...


YORAM RUDY, WANG YONG, JIA PING: Noninvasive eletrocardiographic image (ECGD), Nichtinvasives elektrokardiographisches Bild, Image électro-cardiographique non invasive (ECGD). UNIV CASE WESTERN RESERVE, April 4, 2012: EP2436309-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

Noninvasive systems and methods are provided for determining electrical activity for a heart of a living being. A processor is configured to meshlessly compute data that represents heart electrical activity from a set of noninvasively measured body surface electrical potentials. This is accomplished ...

DYSON JAMES, GAMMACK PETER DAVID: [en] Vacuum cleaner with spherical portion. DYSON TECHNOLOGY, April 4, 2012: GB2484121-A (17 worldwide citation)

[en] A vacuum cleaner has plurality of rolling elements 23, 24 rotatable relative to, and defining part of, a main body 22 which is spherical, and has a cyclonic separating apparatus 12 attached to the main body 22. In this manner, and as opposed to attaching the cyclonic separating apparatus to an ...



DYSON JAMES, GAMMACK PETER DAVID, STICKNEY TIMOTHY NICHOLAS: [en] A stick-type vacuum cleaner. DYSON TECHNOLOGY, April 4, 2012: GB2484146-A (15 worldwide citation)

[en] A vacuum cleaner of the stick-vac type, comprises a handheld vacuum cleaner 3 which is attached to an elongate, rigid wand 5 and which is fluidly connected to a cleaner head 7 provided at the end of the wand. The cleaner head 7 is connected to the wand via a mechanical steering couple for direc ...


PEMBERTON PIGOTT NIGEL PATRICK: TOUCH-SENSITIVE DISPLAY WITH DEPRESSION DETECTION AND METHOD, Berührungsempfindliche Anzeige mit Druckerkennung und Verfahren, Écran tactile avec détection de dépression et procédé. Research In Motion, April 4, 2012: EP2437145-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

A device includes a touch-sensitive display having a first location associated with a first threshold and a second location associated with a second threshold. A sensor is configured to detect depression of the touch-sensitive display by detecting a force exerted at a location on the touch-sensitive ...